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Zimbabwe Tours

Zimbabwe is situated on the southern part of Africa.It is located between the rivers of Limpopo and Zanbezi. Zimbabwe was ruled by the Mutapa Empire in the period between 1250 and 1629. The name Zimbabwe is based on “Dzimbadzemabwe” which stands for a number of “ big houses of stone”. Zimbabwe enjoys a tropical climate. The life expectancy for men in Zimbabwe is 37 years and that of women is 34 years according to the United Nations World Health Organization. The official language of Zimbabwe is English and the native language prevalent in Zimbabwe is Shona and Ndebele. Black ethnic groups from 98% of the population. There are also a number of Asian immigrants in Zimbabwe. It is always a pleasure for the tourists to have a trip to Zimbabwe because of a number of tourist attractions. It is always a very worthy experience to embark on Zimbabwe Tours.

Zimbabwe Tours is really an exciting experience because of the presence of a number of tourist hotspots. Among the important Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe mention can be made of the Victoria Falls which is the largest waterfall in the World and also has a very rich wildlife in the area. It is also a World Heritage Site.

Another important destination on the Zimbabwe Tours is the Victoria Falls National Park which ranks among the 8 main National Parks in the country of Zimbabwe. It is located near the Victoria Falls and has a vast rain forest which comprise of Ferns, palms, vines and liana. There are also mahogany trees in the region. Some of the animals spotted in the Park are elephants, white rhino, cape buffalo and eland. Tours to Zimbabwe also take you to the Hwange National Park which is considered to be the largest game reserve. The park has a total area of 14,600 square kilometers and has nearly 105 species of animals.

On a Travel to Zimbabwe you also get a chance to see Mount Nyangani which has an altitude of 2,592 m and is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe. Another important mountain in Zimbabwe is Byumba Mountains. Other tourist attractions in Zimbabwe include Matobo Hills, Bulawayo and Naletale.