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Philippines Tours

Philippines are located in the Southeastern part of Asia. Manila is the capital of Philippines. It is the 12 th most populous country of the World and its national economy ranks 45 th in the World. There are 7,107 islands in the Philippine Archipelago. There are mostly Austronesians in Philippines. However there are others like Americans, Chinese, Indian and the Hispanics. In the 16th century Philippines became a Spanish colony. Early traces of life were existent in Philippines as early as the 50,000 BC. Philippines borders the Philippine sea on the eastern side and the South China Sea on the western side. Borneo lies at a distance of only a few hundred kilometers from Philippines. The local climate is tropical, hot and humid. For the tourists there are a lot to experience and see in Philippines and the Philippines Tours are always a class apart.

Philippines Tours take you to a number of exotic destinations among which mention can be made of the Baguio City which is a first class urbanized city. Then you can venture out for Bohol which is one of the important island provinces. There are a number of beaches and resorts in Bohol. Other important places in Bohol are the Chocolate Hills and the Limestone formations. There are a number of Hills in Bohol.

In Philippines Tours do not miss out on the Boracay Island which is well known for the White Beach. There is also the Bulabog Beach on the eastern side of Boracay Island. There is a unique opportunity of windsurfing, kite boarding and kite surfing in Boracay Island.

Tours to Philippines also acquaint you with the Hundred Islands National Park. Three islands Governor Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island are well known as tourist destiantions.

Tagaytay in Philippines falls among the important Tourist Attractions in Philippines and consist of the renowned Tall Volcano and Tall Lake.

Cebu in Philippines is also one of the favored tourist destinations and has some of the best hotels.

In Manila you come across the Rizal Park which is one of the best parks in the country. National Museum of the Philippines, National Library of the Philippines and the Planetarium are all situated here. In a Travel to Philippines you also come across the Taal and the Mayon Volcano which are regarded as Decade Volcanoes.