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Peru Travel Guide

Any travel schedule to any country of the world requires a thorough and relevant study about the tourism in that particular country. If Peru in Latin America is your next destination, then Peru Travel Guide should come handy to make your travel smoother. For this, the availability of different categories of Flights to Peru that are quite easily available proves greatly helpful to the visitors. The passengers are served to the utmost with efficiency and hospitality alike by the flights and the airfields and the options of cheap flights make your options wide ranging.

The Tourist Attractions in Peru that are essentially responsible for the advent of huge number of tourists primarily include the various important Cities in Peru like:

  • Lima
  • Arequipa
  • Chiclayo
  • Chimbote
  • Cusco
  • Huancayo
  • Iquitos
  • Piura
  • Trujillo

    The various places of interest situated in the above cities that are worth visiting are the 16th century Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the catacombs of the Convento de San Francisco, National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology, and History and the Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum, the man made city of Machu Picchu, Church of San Francisco, Piura and Tumbes beaches, to name just a few.

    Some of the International Events in Peru are major tourist attractions that draw huge crowds to the country. These events include: ,ul>
  • Adventure Sports International Festival
  • “Verano Negro” Festival
  • International Vendimia (Vintage) Festival
  • Spring International Festival
  • International Book Fair of Lima
  • Peruvian Paso Horse Festival
  • La Vendimia Wine Festival Another very important issue in a Peru Travel Guide is accommodation in Peru. Check in at any of the Peru Hotels that happen to guarantee quality lodging facilities in accordance with the modern world and warm hospitality. A huge range based on prices helps the travelers to choose accordingly. However, most of them are situated at reachable distance from most of the major transport depots.

    Shopping being one of the primary facets of any tour happens to be an integral part of a Peru Travel Guide as well. The marts and stores in the various cities of Peru are the ideal hotspots for shopaholics. Gorgeous Peruvian handicrafts like rugs, woolen sweaters, pre-Columbian ceramics, masks and jewelry form the major bulk of shopping items in Peru. Most of the cities in Peru have souvenir shops offering the specialties. Miraflores, Pueblo Libre, Plaza San Martin, El Alamo and El Suche are the ideal places for Shopping in Peru.