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Peru Current Events

Peru, a charming South American country is known for its stunning natural beauty and wonderful man-made wonders. However, the appeal of this country is also spread beyond its natural, cultural, and historic wonders. Colorful events and festivals held throughout the year marks the calendar year of the country in bright colors. Such events that host a grand celebration hold a great appeal of the tourists. Peru current events feature a blend of religious, cultural, and harvest festivals that offers prominence to the nation in the global cultural map. Usually, most of the events in Peru feature an influence of the Roman–Catholic community. Being annual celebrations, such events offer excitement and entertainment and are observed with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Upcoming Events in Peru

Be a part of the grand festivals and events of Peru that is primarily hosts an influence of the Roman Catholic calendar. The calendar year of Peru is generally dominated by religious and harvest festivals. Let us have a look at some of the current events in Peru.

  • Lord of the Miracles: One of the most wonderful religious festivals of Peru, the Lord of the Miracles holds the same amount of appeal each year in its celebration. The annual event that is held in Lima carries out a 24 hour procession honoring the respected image of Black Christ. This particular image was drawn by an Angolan slave on a wall during the colonial times, which has survived all attempts of wipe out including an earthquake. The painting is carried by the procession that is being witnessed by thousands of believers. The procession is marked by the singing of hymns and prayers and people attending the procession are generally dressed in Purple. The procession route is lined with vendors offering traditional sweets and dishes.
  • Fiesta de la Vendimia de Surco: The city of Peru celebrates their harvest festival of grape in great style. This season of grape harvest is generally celebrated during the wine festival that is held each year in Lima. The festival hosts a great stage for local performers those who raises the fun quotient of the celebration. The entertaining factor of the festival is also spread to various processions and competition that is being held. These competition and parties usually aims to teach the visitors some dance steps of the Afro-Peruvian festejo. The local and traditional way of making wine through treading grapes and fermentation is also demonstrated. While at the harvest festival or the wine festival do not miss on the local sweets referred to as ‘tejas’

    Upcoming Events in Peru

    Usually, the calendar year of the country is dominated by the presence of number of religious festivals that witnesses a blend with other celebrations. Here is a look at some of the Peru current events that boast of a great appeal among both the international tourist and locals alike

    February 2011 Events in Peru

    This particular month witnesses events that cover the celebration of historical traditions as well as the founding day of the favorite drink of the Peruvians. Here is a list of Peru current Events scheduled for the second month of a year.
  • Pisco Sour Day
    This event celebrates the invention day of the favorite drink of the Peruvians, Pisco Sour. Held on the first Saturday of every year, this one features a number of competitions and Pisco parties throughout Lima. Experience the taste of this traditional drink during your visit to this South-American country. This one is made of Pisco, lemon juice, egg whites and ice; some people even favor a touch of Angostura bitters. This one should always be enjoyed ice – cold.

    Event Details
    Date: 5 Feb 2011 (annual)
    Venue: Lima
    Rates: Free
    Hours of Operation: All day and night
  • Virgen de la Candelaria The Virgen de la Candelaria celebrates the rich historical traditions of the Aymara and the Quechua in Peru. Held over two weeks, this event features devil dance in the streets of Puno and music shows. Fireworks, banquets, masses, dance and music characterizes the entertainment quotient of the fun and festivity that features a semi – pagan influence. Street parties held throughout the day and night along with brass bands and folkloric dance and music competitions. The major highlight of the show is the diablada - the dance of the devils that accompanies the procession of the Virgin.

    Event Details
    Date: 2 - 22 Feb 2011 (annual)
    Venue: Puno
    Rates: Free
    Hours of Operation: Daily all day and night

    March Events in Peru

    This month plays host to the harvest festival of the year and the major highlight of the month, the carnival. Here is a detailed look at the this upcoming Peru events -
  • Ica International Harvest Festival
    This festival attracts the local people as well as the visitors to the viticultural capital of Peru. Held on an annual basis, this event lets you enjoy the tastes of different grapes from the region and gastronomic delights at the food markets. Other highlights of the event include exhibitions, beauty contests, and competitions throughout the festival.

    Event Details
    Date: March 2011 (annual)
    Venue: Ica
    Rates: Free
    Hours of Operation: Daily all day
  • Cajamarca Carnival
    Undeniably, one of the most entertaining and enthusiastic events in Peru, the carnival features fun for all. A colorful celebration, this one is held for a period of five days featuring total indulgence and madness. Vivid parades and the traditional "burial of carnival" takes place on Ash Wednesday that falls during its five – day stint. This fun fiesta reaches it peak on Carnival Sunday and Monday. The carnival does not end on the Wednesday and continues until the beginning of Lent. The Parada de Unsha, a parade of trees adorned with gifts, fruit, and colourful decorations, follows this fiesta. This one features people dancing around the tree in a semi-heathen fashion, drink and indulging in chichi drink and local treats.

    Event Details
    Date: 5 - 12 March 2011 (annual)
    Venue: Cajamarca
    Rates: Free
    Hours of Operation: Daily all day and night

    April to December Events in Peru

  • Taitacha Temblores - The Black Lord of Earthquakes Held in the month of April, the Taitacha Temblores is a religious festival observed in the country. On the day, a parade is organized in the form of a black statue of Jesus on Easter Monday. Celebrations are marked by firework show and crimson flowers are sprinkled over the statues as it passes through the streets. A crown made of crimson flowers is placed on the head of the Black Lord of Earthquakes.

    Event Details
    Date - April 2011 (various dates)
    Venue - Cuzco
    Rates - Free
    Some of the other significant April events in Peru include National Horse Competition Caballo de Paso Peruano and the Circus Festival
  • Lima Art Week
    The Lima Art Week exhibits the cultural heritage of the nation. This Peruvian art event witnesses the culmination of some of the great artworks. The art galleries and museums in the neighboring regions of Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro join in the event that is held annually in the country. Musical concerts and talk shows are also organized during the event.

    Event Details
    Date - May 2011 (various dates)
    Venue - Lima
    Rates - Free
    time: Daily all day & night
  • Ritual Pilgrimage for the Snow Star
    Another religious event in Peru, the Ritual Pilgrimage for the Snow Star holds a great appeal among the tourists and the locals alike. Thousands of pilgrims gather at Sinakara, at the foot of Mount Ausangate, dueing the event. A group of people climbs the mountain to find the snow star. This ancient ritual exemplifies the heritage of the country.

    Event Details
    Date - 16 - 23 June 2011 (annual)
    Venue - Mount Ausangate
    Location - Peru
    Rates – Free
    Time: Daily all day and night
    Other religious events in June include celebrations of Corpus Christi and Inti Raymi (Winter Solstice)
  • Independence Day Fiestas Patrias
    The Independence Day is celebrated with great splendor and festivity throughout the nation. The entire nation in parks and plazas throughout the city center celebrates the festival. On the last day, a Great Military Parade is organized on either Avenida Brasil or Avenida De La Peruanidad. The nation got independence from Spanish domination on 28 July. Actual festivities begin on the night of July 27 with folklore and criolla musicals. 28 cannon shots and the flag hoisting along with the President’s speech marks the celebration too.

    Event Details
    Date – 28 July 2011
    Venue –Lima
    Location - Peru
    The Fexticum Handicrafts Fair and the Lima International Book Fair are also considered other significant July events in Peru
  • Lima Latin American Film Festival
    The Lima Latin American Film Festival is one of the most significant events in Peru held in the capital city. Held annually, the festival feature the screening of Latin American feature films, children films, and documentaries. The event hosts a great appeal among people visiting the country along with the locals.

    Event details
    Date - August 2011 (annual)
    Venue – Lima (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Cultural Centre)
    Location – Peru
    Time: Daily all day & evening
  • Mistura Gastronomic Fair
    The Gastronomic fair is one of the most popular food events of Peru. A sheer love of the food lovers, the fair presents the exotic mix of culinary delicacies. An annual event of the country, it brings together the renowned national and international chefs in cooking delicacies of the nation’s cuisine. Here, you will also get to buy coffee, chocolates, regional bread and other items from the huge market. Other major highlights of the festival include cooking class lesions and interactive session along with round-table talks.

    Event details
    Date - September 2011 (annual)
    Venue - Exposition Park
    Rates - S./15-S./20; 5-12s S./8-S./10; family ticket S./40-S./50
  • Anniversary of the Founding of Puno
    The Anniversary of the Founding of Puno is a much-celebrated event of the country. An annual event of music and processions, it celebrates the Spanish founding of the city as well as the mythical origins of the Inca people. The event is mostly staged in the southern region of Peru.

    Event Details
    Date - November 2011 (various dates)
    Venue - Puno and Lake Titicaca
    Rates - Free
  • Senor de los Milagros Bullfight Festival
    The bullfight festival is one of the most significant festivals of Peru. Held at the Lima's Plaza de Acho Bullring every Sunday in November, this is an annual event of the country. The winning prize of Escapulario de Oro goes to the most skilful matador and the Escapulario de Plata to the most impressive bull.

    Event Details
    Date - November - December 2011; Sunday only (annual)
    Venue - Plaza de Acho Bullring
    Rates - S/.639-S/.3569
    Time - 3.30pm

    Peru current events offer a fascinating mix of sport and cultural festivals alongwith a strong dominance of religious celebrations.

    Peru current events featuring cultural, historic, and religious aspect of the South –American country offer a mix of entertainment and fun.

    Witness celebration of fun and entertainment through a diverse range of current events in Peru that marks the coming months of the calendar year with great festivals.