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Tours to Peru

A country in western South America, Peru is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Brazil in the east, Bolivia in southeast, Chile in the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.Boasting of ancient cultures and a rich colonial heritage, Peru is a fascinating country, a land sporting one of the richest biodiversities in the world. A melting pot of various cultures, Peru makes for an excellent tourist destination, with the result that tourists from worldwide embark on Peru Tours every year.

A country that enjoys in merriment and sadness with color and loads of paraphernalia, Peru is home to 84 out of the 104 life zones that exist on the earth, thereby making a Tour to Peru one of the most sought after by nature and wildlife lovers. Among the other attractions for tourists on Peru Tours are the about 3,000 festivals celebrated each year with much pomp and fervor all over the country.

Tourist attractions in Peru comprises mainly of the archaeological sites, museums and other historical places. There are about 180 museums and historical sites in Peru, which stand till date as living examples of Peru’s ten thousand years of glorious history. While Tourism in Peru invokes images of Machu Picchu and the Inca empire, the country is also dotted with archaeologically significant sites that bear the rich legacy of the yore, when some of the greatest civilizations imprinted the land with the legacy of their art, rituals and customs, their knowledge and skills.

Also among the attractions on Peru Tours are its charming rivers, with their beauty even accentuated by the canyons that their waters have carved out over the centuries. The rich and diverse flora found alongside the rivers, along with the variety of fauna found in the waters make tours to Peru a nature lover’s paradise. Besides, some enchanting options for sightseeing, Peru Tours also offer numerous opportunities to indulge in swimming, resting and adventure sports such as rafting.


No tour to Peru can be considered complete unless you taste the Peruvian cuisine – one of the finest and most varied in the world. With over 4000 restaurants scattered all over the country, eating out in Peru is one of the easiest and best options for tourists visiting the city.

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