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Paraguay Visit

Surrounded by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, Paraguay is frequently outshined by its bigger neighbors. However, Paraguay Visit has a lot to offer to its visitors. Right from its rich culture to its mesmerizing tapestry, old beliefs to customs, Visit to Paraguay is enriching in every way. The populace in Paraguay is a combination of Guaranís and Spanish descendents. The major sightseeing attractions in Paraguay include Iguassu Falls, Ascuncion, Lake Ypacara, and many more.

Paraguay Visit – How to Reach

Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is the principal doorway to the nation. Although, there are no express flights from the rest of Europe to Paraguay, travelers can opt for flying from Argentina or Brazil and taking a stopover flight to Paraguay.
On the other hand, one can reach Uruguay by road simply by boarding a bus from Buenos Aires and Córdoba in Argentina; São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Paraguay Visit – Popular Places

Some of the popular places to visit Paraguay are given as below:

  • Asuncion: The capital city of Uruguay, Asuncion is the destitute of concrete attractions. Spending time in the city can explore a range of fascinating locations and spots. One can visit Municipal Museum to know more about the local history and Fine Arts Museum for appreciating Paraguayan sculpture. Visit National Cathedral for excellent Paraguayan architecture. The city houses an interesting range of indigenous bird species and one can catch a quick look of horneros, kiskadees, saffron finches, etc.

  • Ciudad del Este: Nationals from Paraguay and Brazil visit this city for its famous flea markets. In the exteriors of Ciudad del Este is the Guarani Land Museum that exhibits 10,000 years old history of the Paraguayans. There are numerous interactive displays and entrance is free. The city is perfect spot from a traveler can visit nearby sightseeing hubs such as Iguassu Falls and Salto Monday which is the greatest cascade in the country.

  • Iguassu Falls: Situated at the Argentina and Brazil border, this cascade is 82 metres in height. There are roughly 275 falls located at a distance of 2.7 kilometres. Situated in the centre of scenic jungle, the zone is a widely admired place for nature lovers. The most largely visited is the Devil’s Throat, which is a U-shaped cascade 700 metres in length and 82 metres in height. Go on a trip to the Brazil side of the cascade for a long hiking experience besides the river to the pedestal of Devil’s Throat. The sight of the cascade during the full moon nights is very quixotic and this is an admired spot for honeymooners.

  • Itaipu Dam: located near Iguassu Falls, Itaipu Dam constitutes adequate iron and steel to construct nearly 300 Eiffel Towers. Trips are accessible to this famous destination. Another hub is the Refugio Biologico Tati Yupi Park which was created to conserve the wildlife near the dam. This natural woodland has encampments accessible along with horseback riding.

  • The Chaco: This enormous conserve varies into Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil and is the renowned dry jungles on the continent. The dynamic weather results in the creation of several from marsh and to scrublands and forests. The conserve is an abode to various kinds of mammals and various bird species. One can catch glimpses on fairy armadillos, anteaters, rheas and jaguars during the wildlife safaris