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Iguassu Falls Paraguay

If you are planning for a trip in Brazil and Argentina, then one of the most popular destinations that you must catch a glimpse upon, is the Iguassu Falls. It is known to be one of the natural wonders of the world and is situated on the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

The Iguassu Falls, is a breathtaking site to watch; with water gushing out from the mountain cliffs making its way down the sloping mountain range and merging into white foam. It is taller than the Niagara Falls in altitude. During the regular course of the water flow, the Iguassu Falls is divided between two fractions by the San Martin Island. The greater half that has the maximum density of the water fall is split between Brazil and Argentina

Iguassu Falls: Best Time to Visit
The best and most suitable time to visit the Iguassu Falls is between the months of May and September. The season when the place is most visited is from January to February as this is a time when most of the Brazilians and the Argentineans are on a vacation and are actively indulging in all sorts of leisurely activities.

Another aspect to remember here is that Easter is also a highly pre-occupied phase and the months of June and July are subject to winter recess. This is the time when the cost of food and accommodation are steep. Visiting the Iguassu Falls during the month of September would enable you to experience a pleasant weather and off peak prices in food and lodging.

Iguassu Falls RouteMap
Since it’s an inter country travel, in order to visit the Iguassu Falls the most comfortable option is airlines. From the international airport in Argentina you need to avail a taxi and reach Iguassu Falls. Even from the airport in Brazil you need to take a taxi or a bus to reach the falls. Moreover in this case, it is better if you are seeking an accommodation in Hotel Tropical Iguassu Falls or any other near by lodging. You can reach the hotel after your flight and travel down to the Iguassu Falls.

Iguassu Falls Activities
At Iguassu Falls, you can indulge yourself in a host of activities than just walking by the trails. Some of the activities are listed below:-

  • Take a Helicopter Ride
  • Enjoy a Jet Boat Excursion
  • Be a part of the Jungle Safaris
  • Rappelling
  • Visit the Itaipu Dam

    Iguassu Falls: Best View
    The Argentinean side of the Iguassu Falls occupies a larger portion than even the Brazil side. Hence, to enjoy the best view of the Iguassu Falls you should visit the Argentinean side.