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Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay

The Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay is also known as the Itaipu Dam that was set up between 1975 and 1991. The plant is built on river Parana and is run by the Itaipu Binacional. The plant with its operations and expanse happens to be the biggest hydroelectric power plant in Paraguay.

The Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay has been jointly set up by Brazil and Paraguay, and has 18 units. These units produce 12,600 MW of power approximately. It is estimated that the hydroelectric plant in Itaipu supplies about 75 per cent of the power to Paraguay.

The plant has 14 divided sluice gates. Itaipu is popularly acclaimed as one of the seven wonders of the Modern day, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. As of 2000, the plant supplied about 93 per cent of the power to Paraguay

Lake Formation
The construction of the reservoir started on 13th October 1982 when other allied work related to dam construction was completed. The gates at the side canal were closed at that point of time. All through this period rain water filled the reservoir and the water level rose up to 100 meters and touched the gate of the spillway.

Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay- Negotiations between Brazil and Paraguay
The emergence of the Itaipu Power plant was a due to an alliance between Brazil and Paraguay. In the year 2009 Brazil had given its consent to a much clearer payment term than what it was following earlier.

Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay- Expansion in 2007
The last two of the 20 electric generation units commenced their operations between September 2006 and March 2007. This increased the installed capacity up to 14 GW and with this; the construction work of the plant came to an end. Each of the turbines generates approximately 700 MW of power as compared to the other waterfalls. The other waterfalls might have an average capacity of only two generators.

Hydroelectric Plant Paraguay – Environmental Impacts
As the construction of the plant commenced, residents of the adjoining areas were evacuated. And around 10,000 families were asked to move away from the site of River Parana. Few months before the reservoir was filled up, around 80 people were dead as an overcrowded bridge above the falls collapsed.