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Casa de la Independencia

About Paraguay Attractions - Casa de la Independencia
Casa de la Independencia is a well known museum, situated in Asuncion, Paraguay. The place is of historical relevance and was inaugurated on 14th May 1965, dating back to the independence of the country. In the year 1811, on the night of May 14th, a cluster of Paraguayans came out of this house and announced Paraguay’s independence

Casa de la Independencia - Historical Past
The house where the museum is situated at present was set up in 1772 by Antonio Martinez Saenz, a Spanish settler who was married to Caballero de Bazan, a Paraguayan Petrona. They had two children, named Pedro Pablo and Sebastian Antonio. The house has got thatched roof and bamboo framework, with walls constructed of adobe brick

Casa de la Independencia Location The Casa de la Independencia museum is located on the side of the Presidente Franco Street and 14 de May. The museum has a distinct colonial get up apart from its profound transcendence.

Casa de la Independencia: Things to see
The Casa de la Independencia museum has a number of things within it that are of historical marvel and importance to chance upon. Apart from being beautiful objects of archaic worth and wonder, they also render great information. Some of them are listed below :-

  • Office Room: This is where all the significant documents signed by various authorities and patriots are stored.
  • Living Room: The living room of the museum showcases French furniture that belonged to the year 1830. This is displayed near to a crystal chandelier. There also is a brazier that is made of bronze and wood.
  • Dining Room: Furniture that was frequently used during the colonial era is displayed in the dining room. It has a sword displayed and also a portrait of Doctor Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia.
  • Bedroom: Here you can find a bed of Frenando de la Mora and also his portraits on the walls that are facing right. There is also an embroidered shirt that is kept underneath the portrait.
  • Capitulary Saloon: Passing the yard of the museum you would find a place where exists an imitation of the Capitulary Saloon, of the Cabildo de Asuncion times. This dates back to the year 1541, September 16th the first of its kind in Rio de la Plata
  • Oratory: This is the room where the orators delivered their prophecies and discourses. You can find the Franciscan and Jesuits carvings and other religious relic here.
  • Yard: In the yard of the museum you can chance upon a mural that has been painted by Jose Latereza Parodi. Other things like a sundial of Santa Rose on the Jesuit mission and other historical portraits remains in the museum.

    Casa de la Independencia Visiting Schedules
    You can visit the Casa de la Independencia museum, in weekdays from Monday to Friday, anytime between 7:00 am the 6:30 pm. On weekends it’s open half day on Saturday, the visiting time being 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. On Sundays the museum remains closed.