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Shopping in Paraguay

Paraguay shopping malls draw a significant number of domestic and international tourists round the year. Shopping at any of these malls is a different experience altogether. There are a large number of Paraguay shopping malls that have been designed like the shopping malls in the United States. Visitors can buy souvenirs and any item that they desire to buy from these malls.

Of late, shopping malls in Paraguay have been gaining popularity and they have become major tourist attractions in the country. All Paraguay shopping malls are centrally air conditioned so that the customers can shop in a relaxed manner. Majority of the shopping malls in the country are multistoried malls. Elevators have been installed to make shopping a comfortable experience for the customers.

In addition to the shopping malls, there are certain tax-free shopping districts in the country where you can buy the following items at unbelievably cheap rates

  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Sports wear
  • Electronic goods
  • Clothes
  • Cosmetics
  • Watches
Ciudad del Este has turned into a major shopping hub, merchandizing different types of commodities. Items sold in this area are comparatively cheaper than Brazil and Argentina. Tourists normally come here to buy software products, electronic appliances, and music products. Nevertheless, you should check the authenticity of the documents for these goods. There are many regions in the country where you can purchase embroidered goods, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and other products. Many street vendors and retail stores sell these items on a regular basis. There are areas where you can buy clothes and shoes at reasonable prices as well.

Major Shopping Malls in Paraguay

A considerable number of shopping malls are located in Asuncion, the capital of the country. Some of the important shopping malls in the country include the following:

  • Shopping Villa Morra
  • Shopping del Sol
  • Mariscal Lopez Shopping Mall
  • Mall Excelsior

While shopping in the malls, you will see the conventional articles of Paraguay such as coconut, laces, beaded jewelry, leather items (bags and belts), engraved wooden boxes and others. Commodities with global brands are also available in these malls and other shopping centers in the country. You will find antique pieces and paintings of famous artists in various curio shops in Paraguay.

There are some restaurants adjoining the important shopping malls in Paraguay where you can pamper your taste buds once you are done with your shopping. Some of these restaurants feature ice cream parlors that serve different types of lip-smacking ice creams. Aside from these restaurants, there are food parlors on the various floors of the shopping malls in Paraguay that serve a variety of mouthwatering dishes.

Paraguay shopping malls come with a host of facilities that make shopping a memorable experience for the visitors.