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Paraguay Current Events

In case you are planning a vacation in Paraguay, then don’t forget to check out the Paraguay current events list to add some extra color to your trip.

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America and presents endless possibilities to the tourist due to its varied geography, pleasant tropical and semi-tropical climate and a rich heritage, customs and culture which makes its cities an enchanting experience for tourists. The geography of Paraguay can be divided into two distinct parts, separated by the Paraguay river, and each part offers diverse experiences to the tourist. The Eastern region presents rolling hills and green countryside and contains the majority of Paraguay’s cities whose architecture and customs offer fascinating traits from the colonial periods. The Western region contains the majority of the landmass of the country and consists of arid regions with extensive ecological reserves and beautiful state parks and forests offering the perfect wildlife adventure for the tourist.

The Guarani indigenous group is the most prevalent in Paraguay and Guarani, along with Roman Catholic festivals form the majority of Paraguay events celebrated throughout the nation. If you are visiting Paraguay, taking part in the traditional festivals and events are the best way to experience local culture and get a real taste of the country. The lifestyle in Paraguay is laid back and presents an enchanting diversion from the bustle of Western urban life. The people are warm and welcoming and celebrations are conducted with tremendous enthusiasm and joy for life. Read on to get an idea of Paraguay current events that you should definitely watch out for if you are visiting the country any time soon.

Upcoming events in Paraguay:

New Year’s Day (January, 2011):

This is the Paraguay current event that is really worth looking forward to since the New Year is marked by fantastic celebrations in Paraguay. Asuncion is the best place to be in on New Year’s day. The day is marked by parties, both public and private, carnivals, music, dancing, fireworks and feasting throughout the nation. Asuncion is the largest city in Paraguay and is the best place to catch the action.

Carnival (February, 2011):

The carnival is one of the forthcoming events in Paraguay that every one in the country is really looking forward to. It is probably the best party of the year for most nations of Spanish heritage and Paraguay is no different. If you are planning to visit Paraguay, February is probably the best time to visit, since the entire nation erupts in festivities which include dancing, drinking and feasting, during the time of the Carnival.

Holy Week Festival (March, 2011):

This is the main event in Paraguay in the month of March, and the holy week is marked by a week long festival of piety that sets the mood for the coming events of decadence for the rest of the year.

Easter (April, 2011)

: The population of Paraguay is predominantly Roman Catholic and Easter is celebrated with a lot of religious fervor.

Independence Day (May, 2011):

Independence Day is the greatest national holiday in Paraguay and is commemorated on the event of independence of Paraguay from Spain. This is a day of huge parades, cultural concerts and fireworks.

Verbena de San Juan (May, 2011):

The festival of Saint John has is a traditional event of Paraguay and is a must see for the tourist. The festival consists of bizarre events such as walking on hot embers.

Dia de San Juan (June20th – June 24th, 2011):

The night of Saint John is celebrated throughout Spanish speaking nations and is a huge party with fireworks, bonfires, music and dancing. This is held six months after Christmas. The non-stop party for four days consists of a lot of drinking, dancing and endless celebrations.

Paraguay current events list is always extensive and varied though out the year. No matter whichever time of the year you want to visit Paraguay, you are sure to find some event of the other to suit your taste. Therefore, make sure you check the current events list when in the country, as these events and festivals go a long way in making your vacation a fun and memorable one for you.

Other Events in Paraguay

  • Anniversary of Asuncion
    This day in Paraguay can be compared with the Columbus Day celebrations in the United States of America. The day of foundation of the capital city of Asuncion marks this event. It is considered to be a national day occasion in Paraguay. It is celebrated on August 15 every year with speeches, traditional dances and local dishes like the sopa Paraguaya maize preparation. This is considered to be one of the most important International Cultural events in Paraguay that attracts tourists and foreign ambassadors to Paraguay.

  • St. Blaise’s Day
    It is celebrated throughout Paraguay on February 3 every year. St Blaise is regarded as the patron saint of Paraguay. Several tourists visit the land of Paraguay to be part of this occasion. People from other places also throng in Paraguay cities every year making it an international event in Paraguay

    Religious conference
    Another important Paraguay International event has been the noted religious conference of the 15th Assembly of the Mennonite World Conference that took place in July 2009. It was held in the city of Asuncion and witnessed a gathering of about 6,000 people from worldwide. This became an important religious international event in Paraguay. The conference in Paraguay lasted for two days that comprised of fellowship, prayers, and services with the theme of “Come together in the way of Jesus Christ.”

    Paraguay international sports events
    The Copa American Football Tournament brought Paraguay much appreciation in the sports front. The event took place in 1999 where Brazil was declared the champions. This sports tournament drew sports lovers to Paraguay in large numbers. It still remains as one of the landmark international sports event in Paraguay.

    Paraguay international entertainment events
    The most noted among the Paraguay international entertainment events is the Asuncion international Film Festival that takes place in the capital city of Asuncion in Paraguay. It attracts popular film directors, scripter, actors and film critics to the show ever year. It also comes as major entertaining break for the Paraguayans.