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Paraguay Food

Paraguay cuisine can be best described as simple and uniform. The food culture has some similarity to that of Spanish and the European. The most important ingredients for the Paraguay cuisine, that sets the base, are corn and cassava. A host of traditional food and dishes can be prepared from these staple grains.

Predominant Paraguay Food

  • Mandioca
    This is otherwise called Yucca, and is similar to that of a potato. It is one of the regular Paraguay foods found in the country. It tastes best when served hot. In Paraguay, it is cooked simply by peeling and boiling the yucca and is prevalent in the rural as well as in the urban areas

  • Asado
    Asado also known as barbecue is a very popular item, mostly preserved and served for the Sundays and other holidays. The dish is made by cooking beef ribs on a grill, called a “parilla” with only lemon juice and salt. Pork is consumed quite regularly in Paraguay. On some occasions Asado is also prepared using a mixture of cumin seeds, lemon juice, salt, and is often baked in the tatakua oven

  • Chipa
    Chipa is yet another traditional Paraguay food, that is generally bagel shaped. They are mostly made from the mandioca flour, Paraguay cheese, butter, eggs, corn meal and anise. Traditionally cooked in a tatakua, a guarani brick oven, it tastes sumptuous when hot and eaten with proper dressings or side meals.

    The guarani brick oven is shaped like a dome and is heated using fire. The food that is to be cooked is placed inside. The brick oven soaks in the heat and the food gets cooked faster. The Chipa is a customary food Semana Santa, that is for the Holy Week of the Easter for the Paraguayans. At the same time if you visit Paraguay you can also purchase it from the various vendors in the city or country buses.

  • Chipa Guzu
    Chipa Guzu is another well known delicacy in Paraguay, which is quite like the Chipa. The only difference is that the Chipa Guzu has more fibres and the corn used in the preparation is slightly milled.


    One of the most common and frequently consumed beverages of Paraguay is cheap wine mixed with any assorted drinks, like Coke, Pepsi and the like. Pilsen is known as the national beer brand. The Brahma, which is a Brazilian brand available in Paraguay, is slightly up market, costly and tastes better than the other brands. Another brand named Quilmes is also famous in Paraguay as Bahvarian.

    Few other well known Paraguay food items

    Some of the other Paraguay food varieties are :-
  • Reviro
  • Caldo Ava
  • Jopara
  • Locro
  • Arro Quesu
  • Pastel Mandi’o
  • Chicharo
  • Lambreado
  • Paraguay Mascada