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Paraguay Flag


How does the Paraguay Flag appear?

If you look at the Paraguay Flag, you will notice that it comprises three horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is red in color, the bottom is colored blue, and the middle section is colored white. The middle stripe, which is white in color, has an emblem. On the front surface of the flag the country’s coat of arms is reflected. The Treasury seal is located on the reverse of the flag.

The emblem in the middle has a star, which in turn is surrounded by a palm and olive branch. The name of the country, Republic of Paraguay is written in Spanish, on a round band. The treasury seal that is placed on the reverse side of the flag has an image of a lion that is seen guarding the red Phrygian cap. Over the seal is written the Paraguayan national motto that is “Pazy Justica”. This means “Peace and Justice”. This is capped by two circles. The image in the Paraguay flag thus suggests the philosophy of peace and justice that it believes in and propagates. Paraguay flag

Meaning of the Paraguay Flag
The colors on the flag sought its inspiration from the French flag that has the colors of freedom and liberty. The upper stripe in red color symbolizes courage, patriotism, justice and philanthropy. The white strife would traditionally mean purity, unity and peace. Aspects of truth, freedom and benevolence are reflected by the blue colored stripe in the flag which is at the bottom.
The coat of arms is reminiscent of the date 14th May, 1811 which is Paraguay’s Independence Day. The palm and the olive branch near the emblem stand for honor, dignity and pride. The Treasury Soul on the back of the Flag is also a sign of liberty.

Flag History
The Paraguay flag was taken up on 27th November, 1842 and is known as one of the world’s oldest flag. The practice of keeping a separate emblem on both sides of the flag traces back its lineage to the era of Jose de Francia, who reigned during the period 1814 – 1840.

Flag Fact File
It is interesting to note that the Paraguay flag is the one and only national flag globally that possesses various emblems on the front surface as well as on the reverse side. At the same time the colors used on the flag has a lot of similarity with the national flag of Netherlands. The design of the flag was simplified in the year 1991.