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Paraguay Facts

Paraguay was formally known as the Republic of Paraguay. It happens to be a minor landlocked region located at the center of South America. Its national borders share common ground with Brazil on the east and northeast, Argentina on the south and south west and Bolivia towards the northwest. Thus going by the topography of the land both Bolivia and Paraguay happen to be two landlocked regions of South America.
Paraguay Facts consists of certain interesting nuances of the country that as an onlooker would be of great importance to acquaint ourselves with.

Important Paraguay Facts and Facts about Paraguay

If you are planning to take a trip to Paraguay then as a visitor or tourist there are certain facts about the country that you must research and know. Climate: The region experiences subtropical climate mostly in the Paranena region. There it is mostly humid with a huge amount of precipitation throughout the year. Chaco experiences a tropical ambiance.

Culture: One of the most interesting Paraguay facts pertaining to its culture is that the origins can be traced back to some male Spanish race with whom the guarani girls got married. Thus the culture naturally is a fusion of two traditions the Southern Guarani and the European.

Population Mix: One of the intriguing Paraguay facts is that the region comprises Latin America’s most homogenous population. Approximately, 95 per cent of the population consists of the mestizos, a mixed breed of the Amerindians and the Spanish.

Socio – Political Scenario: Paraguay attained independence in the year 1811, on May 4th from Spanish rule. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in the region, the region was inhabited by the Guarani native tribes. Asuncion is the capital city of the country, which was discovered by a Spanish voyageur named Juan de Salazar y Espinoza in the year 1537. Almost a huge section of the population residing in Paraguay is Roman Catholic.

Geography: Paraguay has got its name from a river. This eponymous river had further divided the country in two parts. They are the Western Paraguay that is known as the Chaco and the Eastern Paraguay that is known as Paranena region. Most of the populace inhabits in the east, whereas only a small fraction of about 2-3 per cent inhabits the western part.

Language: The official languages spoken in Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani.

Currency : The currency of Paraguay is known as Guarani.

Legal: Paraguay follows the Roman Law and its legal system is based on it. The country also adheres to the French and the Argentine codes.

Agriculture: Cattle ranching and agriculture are the main economic activities in the region.

Other Facts about paraguay
  • The literacy rate in the country is about 94 per cent.
  • Cerro Pero, is the highest point in Paraguay and is at an altitude of 842m.
  • Paraguay happens to be the 3rd largest exporter of soybeans globally.
  • In terms of hydroelectric power, the country leads globally with the Itaipu Dam at Brazil.
  • In terms of natural resources the country is rich in limestone, timber, manganese and hydro power.
  • The initial railway tracks in Paraguay were constructed by the British engineers between 1858 and 1861.