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Paraguay Climate

Paraguay is a beautiful South American country, which for many years eluded the interests of the global travelers. But, it was difficult for its mesmerizing backdrops and landscapes to go unnoticed for long. Today, many tourists visit this tropical heaven to have an enthralling vacationing experience away from their home country. For this, a credit can be attributed to its favorable climatic conditions as well. If you are planning for a tour to Paraguay, you too can look for information on Paraguay climate to come up with best trip schedules.

Paraguay Climate in Brief: As this enchanting country is located on the Tropic of Capricorn, you would find its climatic conditions to be hot. The summer season lasts for long and has a bit high humidity level. Average temperature of the country can be measured around 24ºC/ 75ºF. In eastern region of the country, you would find humidity level higher compared to the western region called Chaco.

Detailed Information on Paraguay Climate: In order to understand the climate of Paraguay in clear terms, it is important to know that the natural regions of this country can be divided into two namely Paraneña region and Chaco region. Paraneña region has a diversified landscape formed of hills, plateaus and valleys. Chaco, on the other hand, is a semi-dry region.

The Paraneña region witnesses subtropical climatic conditions compared to Chaco, which has more of tropical climate. In the Paraneña region of Paraguay, you will find humidity to be little high. There is a very slight change in the seasons, which eventually can be shown through the measured temperature. This region also experiences downpour all through the year. However, during winters, the wind turns into cold waves. The speed of the wind flow sometimes is 160 kilometers per hour. You can also feel some sudden changes in the climate because of the dearth of any natural or artificial barriers.

As per seasonal changes are concerned, the Paraneña region experiences only 2 different seasons – 1) Summer and 2) Winter. Summer spans over the months of October and March. Winters start from May and end in the month of August. Transitional effects of the season can be noticed between April and September. During this phase, the temperature is lower than the average mid-summer level. It may even fall to freezing point. According to Paraguay weather reports, July month is found to be the coldest.

The densely populated Paraneña region of Paraguay experiences warm weather in the month of October continuing till March. During summers, you would find a temperature of 38°C to be a normal feature in daytime. As per rainy season is concerned, the Paraneña region witnesses mild rains in the month of August. However, from March to May and October to November, the region witnesses maximum downpour.

Now coming to the climate of Chaco region, it can be said that its weather conditions are different from the Paraneña region. Chaco has mixed wet and dry climatic conditions. In this semi-arid region, you would find seasonal changes quite mild. Temperature remains high, though slight dip can be expected during winters. During summers, the region witnesses rainfall. However, the accumulated rainwater disappears quite fast.

After going through the detailed information on Paraguay climate, you can certainly plan your trip t