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Paraguay Bolivia

Bolivia derived its name from the great and eminent freedom fighter Bolivar. It is the 6th largest county in Latin America that attained its independence from the Spanish colonial rule in 1825. The country has a population of 9 million. A major part of the population is composed of Europeans, Amerindians, Italians, Polish, Germans, Croatians and Russians. Most of the Bolivians are Roman Catholics. Almost 87 per cent of the population in Bolivia is literate and erudite. The country’s currency is Boliviano and Sucre is the constitutional capital while La Paz is the administrative capital

Economy : Bolivia is rich in minerals and natural resources and has the 2nd largest reserve of natural gas in South America. The country has almost 70 per cent of the world’s magnesium and iron too.

Holidays in Paraguay Bolivia : In case you are planning a trip to Bolivia, then you must make it a point to visit Potosi, which is also regarded as the highest point in the world. The country is dry in some parts. In other parts of the country you can enjoy greenery and fertile soil.

Travel and Tourism in Bolivia
Travel and Tourism in Bolivia is an important industry and contributes considerably to the gross domestic product or GDP. With various places to visit like Samaipata, Surce, La Paz, and Uyuni etc, tourism and travel has gained a lot of significance over the years. At the same time, hotel and hospitality industry too is flourishing with more and more visitors and tourists visiting the country.

Bolivian Culture
The Bolivian culture is influenced by Quecha and Aymara. The tradition, architectural patterns, religious motifs and art, sculptures and paintings have all percolated to Bolivia from Quecha and Aymara. Some time back education in the country was not given much importance, especially among females. Times have changed now.
Today education is given due importance even amongst the females. Provision for imparting education to the economically feeble has been organized.

Places to Visit
If you are planning a trip to Bolivia you must spend sometime in Surce. The city is known for its white, tall buildings and the cobble stone streets. There is a common square and joint which attracts people from different parts of the country. People gather to get a glimpse of the scenic beauty and natural surroundings in the backdrop.
La Paz is a place that is well known for wonderful shopping options. It also harbors some famous eateries that reflects the true essence of the country and also has an active nightlife. Other sites to catch a glimpse of and explore whilst you holiday are the hot springs, Cactus Islands, Flamingo Lake and the various parks and gardens.