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Asuncion Paraguay

Asuncion is the capital and the largest city of Paraguay and was set up along a river bank. In the eastern part of the river the productive land supported the expanding population and thus the city flourished too. Most of the buildings of this place have a colonial set up including the motels, inns and lodges. The Spanish who often visited this place enjoyed their vacation in these resorts and inns.

Asuncion Paraguay Climate

Asuncion has a tropical savannah climate, which mostly is humid and subtropical. It has a short dry season that generally is from June to September. The rest of the season is moist and it is mostly wet round the year. Though the climate oscillates between hot, humid, and dry, it is mostly mild and pleasant in ambiance.

Historical Past

For some time Asuncion was a crucial city for the Spanish colonial administration. It was such because from Spain it was relatively easy to sail. Crossing the Atlantic, Rio de la Plata and Rio Paraguay one can reach the city easily.
Asuncion has undergone quite a few changes. It remained in seclusion and isolated for quite sometime and closed its doors to visitors. Social and political upheavals, battles and other forms of unrest made it a less desirable destination for the tourists.

In recent years the city has developed itself socially as well as economically. Adding on to this its soothing climate and friendly communities, the gateway to Gran Chaco has been the major crowd pulling element.

Asuncion Attractions

If you are planning a trip to Asuncion then you must plan and visit the following places that are some of the major attractions in the city.
  • The Panteón Nacional de los Héroes and the Plaza de los Héroes, both of which are marked by their pink domes.
  • The Plaza de la Independencia, where you can catch a glimpse of the Cathedral Metropolitana and also the Palacio Legislativo. The Cathedral dates back to the 17th century and is known specially for its religious motifs and huge gilded altar.
  • The Museo de Bellas Artes that harbors sculptures and paintings by eminent Paraguayan painters and South American artists.
  • Casa de los Diputados is a museum as well a military college.
  • The Parque de Museo de Historia Natural, is yet another museum that has wildlife sanctuaries. It is now being renovated and comprises a camping area, zoo and golf course.

    Trips and tours from Asuncion Paraguay

    From Asuncion you can undertake trips and tours to the following places:-

  • Itauguá a place from where you can source the nanduti, the famous lacework in Paraguay.
  • The Gran Chaco that is South America’s end frontier.
  • The Pantanal.
  • Mission Ruins located in south Paraguay.
  • Villa Florida which is a rich reserve of agricultural land, known well for its fishing activities and wonderful beaches.
  • San Bernardino, located at Lago Ypacaraí, is a popular destination for spending long weekends and holidays especially during the summer months.