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Paraguay Tours

Paraguay Tours can get extraordinary as this landlocked country of the Republic of Paraguay that is located in the very center of South America. It happens to be situated along both banks of the Paraguay River, edging Brazil to the east and northeast, Argentina to the south and southwest and Bolivia to the northwest. Discovered on August 15, 1537 by the Spanish explorer Juan de Onate, the history of Paraguay is laden with disputes amongst educators, historians and politicians. Farming, agribusiness and cattle ranching are the prime areas that greatly added to the economy of Paraguay.

The inhabitants of Paraguay are mostly mixtures of Spanish males and Guarani, brides. The people here specialize in art works like embroidery, lace making, music and extraordinary culinary delights. On any of your Paraguay Tours the Tourist Attractions in Paraguay that are worth visiting in Paraguay include capital city of Asuncion, the Central Circuit, Paraná, Chaco, Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Villarrica, etc. The considerable number of monuments, museums comprise other tourist attractions.

11 national parks and protected areas are some of the most interesting options of Sightseeing in Paraguay on your Paraguay Tours as they give a major idea of the flora and fauna of the place. They along with the natural surroundings house approximately 167 types of mammals, 200 species of fish and 645 species of birds. Champions of the Chaco National Park, Guaraní Timané Reserve, the Inmakata Lagoon and Rio Negro National Park, Mbaracayú Forest are some of the national parks scattered over the country.

Among the various sports played and enjoyed in Paraguay, soccer is the country’s national sport, with about 30 clubs in Asuncion itself. Other popular sports include tennis, horse boxing, racing, basketball and rugby football. Fishing is another pastime on Paraguay Tours and the International fishing contests are some of the very interesting events in this country.

Lodging at any place, whatsoever, is a vital factor and the Hotels in Paraguay warranty some of the most worthwhile holidays among the many trips in your life.