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Shopping in Norway

Norway is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway and is the constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe. Occupying the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway shares its borders with Finland, Russia and Sweden. Norway is also a popular tourist destination spot. The country of Norway is also popular for its huge number of shopping malls and the overall shopping scenario. Shopping in Norway is quite an exciting and enjoyable affair. So for all the tourists who love shopping, this country is the perfect place for them. So just go ahead and make a trip to the country and shop until you drop. With the thousands of shopping malls in Norway you can go in for a non stop shopping spree and shop till you are satisfied.

The Norway Shopping scenario is getting better with each passing day. The number of shopping malls are increasing giving the tourist more options to choose from. To make Shopping in Norway an interesting and easy affair for the tourists, the country provides a huge number of shopping malls, among which the major and most popular ones are Kvadrat Storsenter (Sandnes), Sandvika Storsenter (Sandvika), Strommen Storsenter (Skedsmo), Lagunen Storsenter (Bergen), Stormoa (Alesund), Alna Senter (Oslo), City Syd (Trondheim), Asane Senter (Bergen), Ski Storsenter (Ski), Amanda Storsenter (Haugesund), Down Town (Porsgrunn), Sartor Senter (Bergen) and Aker Brygge (Oslo). Every year thousands of tourist from all over the world visit this country just for shopping. So Shopping in Norway is definitely an enjoyable and a memorable experience.

Situated in Sandnes, Kvadrat Storsenter is the largest shopping mall in Norway. The mall was opened in the year 1984 and consists of 160 stores. Opened in the year 1985, Strommen Storsenter possesses 89 stores. Stormoa (Alesund) was opened in the year 1972 and is one of the largest shopping malls in Norway. It has 110 stores and a turnover of 1,247 billion Norwegian krone.