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Norway Current Events

Norway is a charming tourist destination of Northern Europe that hosts in it varied aspects the Charm and feeling of Europe. The Country that spells the aura of Europe in its festivals and events along with the tourist destination transports you to the old world of charm. Experience the flavor and sense the magic of European charm by being a part of the current events in Norway that hosts lot of fun and entertainment for you. Norway in general stages spectacular events that host a significant recognition in the world map. The festivals and events of Norway hosts an appeal to all class of people with festivals focusing on the aspects of food, design, music, and theatre.

Recent Norway Festivals:

The festivals of Norway in general host diverse attractions that have something for one and all. The Norwegian festivals spell great excitement and fun that marks the calendar year in full colorful shades. Let us have a look at some of the current events in Norway that attracts and appeals thousands of tourists from across the globe along with the locale group:

  • Bergen Food Festival (September 10th, 11th and 12th): One of the most popular events of Norway, the Bergen Food festival hosts great significance in the Norwegian calendar of events. The food festival hosts for you the best items available in the farms of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. You are sure to find the best quality meat, fruit, honey, herbs, butter, and vegetables from the local market or organic. The festival in general hosts the producers of own products who even offer interesting facts about the production.

  • Ibsen Stage Festival (26 Aug - 11 Sep 2010): The biannual Isben stage festival is generally held to honor one of the greatest and popular playwrights, Henrik Ibsen. The national theatre of Oslo hosts the event that generally includes guided tours, concerts, seminars, and readings. The event also stages the production of his plays. The national theatre also stages its own productions of Henrik Isben plays. The event apart from hosting the Henrick Isben plays also makes room for other Norwegian and foreign performances.

  • NuMusic Festival (8 - 18 Sep 2010): The music festival of Norway hosts a great stage for the promotion of music. The festival seeks to celebrate and promote the original, progressive and avant-garde music. The music festival that hosts a universal appeal across Norway hosts great performances by internationally recognized stars along with the Norwegian talents. The music festival is held in different cultural venues across Norway. The music festival also hosts many cultural events along with music performances.

  • Designers' Christmas Market (Dec 2010): A Christmas festival, this one holds special appeal for the dress lovers. The annual designing event of Norway hosts and promotes design materials and stuff of Local Norwegian designers along with international designers. Oslo’s Norwegian centre of design and architecture hosts the special event of the designers. The Christmas season of the year hosts a designing spree with clothes, jewelry, bags, accessories, ceramics, glass, lamps and small furniture on offer.

  • Oslo World Music Festival (2 - 7 Nov 2010): The music festival of Oslo is one of the most popular events of Norway that host special significance in the Norwegian calendar of events. The month of November in Oslo witnesses a great event of music and performances that lights up the stage of Oslo. The music festival witnesses spectacular performances from all around the globe. The music festival with its concerts travel around various venues of Oslo including Rockefeller and Cosmopolite.

  • Bergen International Film Festival (20 - 27 Oct 2010): One of the most significant events of the Norwegian calendar, the Bergen film festival is an event to witness. The film festival that is rising with popularity hosts around 100 international films along with documentaries, animation, and sci-fi.

    Witness cinema, music performances, theatre shows, and designing events at Norway by being a part of the current events in Norway.