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Norway Tours

The Norway Tours are very interesting and exciting, so making tours to Norway is a good idea. The picturesque and beautiful country of Norway is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. Norway is a country as well as a constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe. Norway has its borders with Finland, Sweden and Russia. Norway is a huge crowd puller and witnesses thousands of tourists each and every year. The tourist come from each and every corner of the world to visit this mesmerizing and beautiful place. So if you want to witness the beauty of the place, go ahead and travel to Norway. There are also a huge number of tourist Attractions in Norway.

The picturesque Norway is well known for its architecture. Among all the architectures, the most prominent is the Gothic architecture. The numerous types of architecture that were prevalent in Norway in different times include Renaissance architecture, Baroque architecture and Rococo architecture. Another famous architecture is the Romanesque architecture. Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in Norway. The Football Association of Norway was founded in the year 1902. In the year 1908 the first international match was played. The country possesses a mammoth 25,000 teams and 1,822 registered football clubs.

The country is also well known for the lusekofte. The lusekofte is traditional and beautiful Norwegian sweater. The sweater has a black and white design. The name means lice jacket. The lusekofte is a casual attire that is mostly worn by men. To have the opportunity of exploring the country, the tourist need to make tours to Norway. These tours are extremely enjoyable and adventure filled. So make your Norway Tours a memorable one. The country is definitely the perfect place for a long and relaxing vacation.