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Nicaragua Travel Guide

The Nicaragua Travel Guide is the answer to all your queries regarding the country. The Travel Guide to Nicaragua guides you through each and every detail and provides you with all necessary information about the country. Nicaragua is officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua. It is the largest nation in Central America. The culture of Nicaragua is deeply influenced by the European culture. The culture also has a touch of Amerindian sounds and flavors. Strong folklore, music and religious traditions showcases the culture of the country. Nicaragua is a popular tourist destination spot. Before you plan a trip to the country, it is advisable to go through the Nicaragua Travel Guide. The Nicaragua Travel Information will help you in planning the tour properly and make your tour a hassle free one.

Nicaragua Travel Guide provides you with all the information you need regarding the tourist attraction spots to be visited and the means to reach them. The names of some of the popular tourist attraction spots in the country include Volcan Masaya National Park, Lake Nicaragua and of course the Rio San Juan Beaches.

The travel guide also gives you information regarding the accommodation facilities available in the country. There are more than enough hotels in the country to cater to your accommodation needs. The names of some of the top class and most referred hotels in the country include Barcelo Montelimar Beach (Montelimar), Hotel Las Mercedes (Managua), Hotel Camino Real (Managua), Hotel Los Robles (Managua), Hotel Los Balcones (Leon), Hotel Colonial (Granada), Hotel Plaza Colon (Granada) and Hotel Princess (Managua).

In the travel guide you will also find information on the transportation system in the country and how to reach the country. The fastest way to reach the country is by flights. There are regular flights entering and leaving the country. The railway system is also good.