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Shopping in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is also referred to as the Republic of Nicaragua. The country of Nicaragua is the appropriate place for people who love shopping. People who come for Shopping in Nicaragua are always satisfied and go back with happy faces. Nicaragua is popular for its huge number of shopping malls. The picturesque and wonderful country of Nicaragua is the largest nation in Central America. Shopping in Nicaragua is undoubtedly an exciting and enjoyable affair. So go ahead and make a trip to the country and shop until you drop. With the thousands of shopping malls in Nicaragua you can go in for a non stop shopping spree and there will never be a shortage of shops.

The number of shopping malls are increasing at a speedy rate and the overall Nicaragua Shopping scenario is getting better with each passing day. There are many impressive shopping centers and markets in the country. There are different shops selling a wide range of goods. Some of the local and traditional items of the country are embroidery, leather works and shoes, gold work, paintings and artworks.

Managua'a Roberto Huembes Market and Masaya are the two major craft markets in Nicaragua. The products on display in these markets include hemp products, wood goods, shoes, clothes, ceramics and leather products. The farmer’s market is another popular market that sells a wide range of farm products. The products include fruit and vegetables, rice, eggs, flowers, meat, ceramics, spices, pottery, baskets and sauces. All these add a zing to the experience of Shopping in Nicaragua.

National products such as handicrafts, clothing, shoes and souvenirs are available in Managua as well as in some of the other major cities. You will also find foreign goods in the markets. There is a great demand for gold and silver goods produced in Nicaragua. The names of some of the popular stores in the country are Metrocentro, Supermercados, Centro Comercial Managua, Supermercados Internacionales and Diplotiendas.