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International Events in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is well known for hosting many national as well as many international events throughout the year. A huge number of International Events in Nicaragua are organized every year. The Nicaraguan International Events are large scale events and are participated by thousands of countries. The International Events of Nicaragua witness huge crowds from all parts of the world. Officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua, the country of Nicaragua is a representative democratic republic. It is also the largest nation in Central America. The country shares its borders with Honduras on the north and Costa Rica on the south.

The most popular International Events in Nicaragua are Surfing in Nicaragua, International Poetry Festival and The Nicaragua International Network Event. Apart from these major events, there are numerous other International Events in Nicaragua that take place throughout the year. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to these events.

The national surfing circuit in Nicaragua is slowly gaining international recognition. For many years Nicaragua has been hosting surf contests, but only recently that it has received international recognition. The beaches easily associated with the surfing competition are Playa Maderas, La Boquita and Popoyo.

International Poetry Festival is held each and every year. This event is held in Granada. A large number of poets come from each and every corner of the world to visit this major event. The poets usually do poetry readings, musical performances and lectures.

The Nicaragua International Network Event is another sold out event. This event is participated by thousands of well known Business Leaders. This event witnesses the participation of corporate honchos and high-class businessmen.