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Nicaragua Hotels

A popular tourist spot, Nicaragua is a huge crowd puller. Every year thousands of tourists from each and every part of the world visit this wonderful country. Due to the massive influx of tourists every year, a number of hotels have been built to cater to the accommodation needs of the tourists. There are more than sufficient Nicaragua Hotels to provide you with a proper place to stay in. Known as the Republic of Nicaragua, the picturesque Nicaragua is a representative democratic republic. Nicaragua is also the largest nation in Central America and has its borders with Costa Rica on the south side and Honduras on the north side. The main language of the country is Spanish and approximately 90% of the country's population speak it.

There are different types of hotels in Nicaragua to suit the different budgets of people and offer them a comfortable and relaxing stay. The different types of hotels include Five Star, Four Star, Three Star, Economy and Budget hotels. So finding a suitable accommodation in Nicaragua is not at all a problem with the many options available to the tourists.

The names of some of the top rated and finest Nicaragua Hotels are Hotel Camino Real (Managua), Barcelo Montelimar Beach (Montelimar), Hotel Las Mercedes (Managua), Hotel Los Robles (Managua), Hotel Los Balcones (Leon), Hotel Princess (Managua), Hotel Colonial (Granada), Hotel Plaza Colon (Granada), La Gran Francia (Granada), Hotel Crowne Plaza (Managua), Hotel El Convento (Leon), Casona Colonial Guesthouse (Leon) and Hotel Austria (Leon). All these Nicaragua Hotels provide excellent facilities at pocket friendly rates.

Out of all the hotels, the one that needs mention is Hotel Camino Real. This hotel is situated in the city of Managua. This hotel caters to the needs of both the leisure as well as the business travelers and provides the guests with 116 rooms and 4 suites. There is another hotel that needs to be mentioned because of its excellent location. The hotel name is Las Mercedes (Managua) and it is located within a walking distance from the International airport in Managua. The hotel is also just a ten-minute drive from the Government offices. As far as the hotels of Granada are concerned, one of the most suggested hotel is Hotel Colonial. The hotel is exquisitely decorated and provides excellent recreation facilities as well as other facilities. Even if you visit the other cities, do not worry as you are bound to find excellent hotels everywhere.