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Cities in Nicaragua

Also known as the Republic of Nicaragua, the country of Nicaragua is the largest nation in Central America. Nicaragua shares it borders with Costa Rica on the south and Honduras on the north. A popular tourist destination, there are many Cities in Nicaragua that serve as perfect holiday destinations. Flightshotelstours provides detailed information on the Cities in Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan Cities are some of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Cities of Nicaragua embody the scenic beauty and natural splendor that the country proudly possesses.

Among all the Cities in Nicaragua, Granada is fourth most populous city and has an estimated population of about 116,000 (as per the 2005 census). The picturesque city of Granada is also the second oldest city to have been found by Europeans in Central America. The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. The city of Managua is located only 50 meters above sea level. The meaning of the word Managua is 'where there's an extension of water'. The city has been given this name because it possesses many lakes and lagoons in its vicinity. Although Managua was destroyed in the year 1972, it still houses quite a few tourist attraction spots.

The popular cities in Nicaragua include:
  • Granada – The fourth most densely populated city in the country.
  • Matagalpa – This city is the 5th largest city in Nicaragua.
  • Chinandega – It is the departmental seat of Chinandega department in the country.
  • Leon – Is the capital and municipality of the country's Leon department.
  • Managua – The capital of the country.
  • Corinto – A town with a population of 17,000.
  • Puerto Sandino – Is a coastal town in western Nicaragua.
  • El Bluff – Is a port city on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.
  • Rivas – A city, municipality and department in southwestern Nicaragua.
  • San Juan del Sur – Is a popular tourist destination because of its many nearby and eye catching beaches.
  • San Carlos – Is placed at the confluence of the beautiful laked named as Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River.
  • Rama – Another beautiful city with many tourist spots.
  • Bluefields – Located on Bluefields Bay at the mouth of the Escondido River.
  • Puerto Cabezas - Is a municipality in the North Atlantic Coast department of Nicaragua.
  • Esteli - Is the third largest city in Nicaragua.