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Nicaragua Tours

Formally known as the Kingdom of Nepal, the country is located in the northern borders of India. Covering an Make your Nicaragua Tours stand out by exploring the country in the proper way. The Republic of Nicaragua happens to be the largest nation in Central America. Surrounded to the north by the Honduras, to the south by Costa Rica, to the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Caribbean Sea it covers an area of 129,494 sq. km.

On your Nicaragua Tours you will be interested to know that Nicaragua was originally inhabited exclusively by indigenous people, till it was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1504. In 1524 settlements of Spanish origin came up and in 1538 the Viceroyalty of New Spain was established. Later, after a series of interventions by the US, the country saw the birth of a revolution against Somoza’s tyranny.

Primarily agrarian in nature, the economy of the country revolves around tourism, light industry (maquila), mining, fisheries, banking and general trade. Nicaragua's Flor de Caña rum, tobacco and beef are some of the important products that are renowned in the world. Tourism however is one of the most profit making industries in this country. Every year about 60,000 citizens from the U.S. undertake Nicaragua Tours for varied purposes like tourism and business.

The inhabitants of Nicaragua mostly comprise Mestizo and White. Mestizo people are mixed Amerindians and Whites and the White are composed of mainly Spanish, German, Italian or French lineage. Music, folklore and religious traditions preserve the strongest cultures of the country. Literature and drama are also areas of excellence in Nicaragua. Rubén Dario, Ernesto Cardenal, Gioconda Belli, Claribel Alegria and Jose Coronel Urtecho are some of the well known contributors in the literary world.

On any of your Nicaragua Tours the Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua that are worth visiting in Nicaragua include Volcan Masaya National Park, Masaya, Granada, Lake Nicaragua, Rio San Juan Beaches, Atlantic Coast Tours and Leon Highlands. The national park includes treks through crags of solidified lava and areas of tropical forest, fumaroles and hot bubbling mud puddles and the rim of an active volcanic crater. It also houses a museum natural history exhibition and information center.

Among the range of sports played and liked in Nicaragua, baseball is the country’s most popular sport. Other sports that are enjoyed here include boxing, basketball and football. Various water sports like swimming, surfing etc are some of the finest options for pastime during the Nicaragua Tours.

A vital factor of the Nicaragua Tours happen to be the lodging options, and the Hotels in Nicaragua, located at convenient distance from the transport hubs, provide some of the most valuable holidays catering the best of services and warm hospitality.