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Shopping in Nepal

Popularly hailed as the ‘Abode of the Gods’, Nepal also has the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest, besides some stunning scenery and wildlife. A very popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, Nepal is also a shopper’s delight, offering an array of shopping options for the passionate shopper. Flightshoteltours offers detailed guide on Shopping in Nepal.

Options for shopping in Nepal are so diverse and enchanting, that you’ll find difficulty resisting all the colorful articles that are available across all the major cities of the country. In Nepal, street vendors and specialty stores are in abundance, and they sell almost everything that you can possibly think of buying. Nepal shopping offers big bargains for visitors who are willing to avoid fakes.

Some of the special items that you can buy while shopping in Nepal include locally made clothes like lopsided topis (caps), Tibetan dress, knitted mittens and socks, woven shawls, Tibetan multicolored jackets, men’s diagonally fastened shirts, pashmina (fine goat’s-wool) blankets, saranghi (a four-stringed viola played with a horse-hair bow), khukri (the national knife),Tibetan tea bowls, Buddhist statuettes and filigree ornaments, papier mâché dance masks, bamboo flutes and other handicraft items.

The chocolate lovers will be tempted to Dunedin's "Cadbury World". Know the process engaged to manufacture the Sheep If you are in the market for a nice gift or souvenir, then a Khukuri knife is a very good choice, and you wont even have to go far to get one, street vendors and almost all shops sell them wherever there are tourists. In fact there is a whole shop devoted to them. Some other nice gifts include bamboo flutes and many different Tibetan-style curios.