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Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco was one of the traveler’s hot spot in the 60 and the 70s and the trend continues till today. In Morocco there is a healthy mix of the Islamic , Arabic, African and Barber cultures. In Morocco there are some of the pleasant cities, exotic landscape, picturesque beaches and good trekking opportunity for the travelers. Here you also enjoy shopping because of the wide range of availability of goods. There are great museums, traditional riads and some of the best cuisines in Morocco. In Rabat and El Jadida there are excellent beaches which attract a good number of tourists. To crown it all the general people of Morocco are hospitable and they make you feel comfortable. To have a trip to Morocco is an enjoyable experience and a Morocco Travel Guide makes your job even easier.

Morocco Travel Guide makes you familiar with some of the important gardens which draw a lot of tourists. Among them two well known name are Majorelle Garden and Menara Gardens. The Majorelle Garden was designed by one of the French Artists called Jacques Majorelle. A special shade of cobalt blue was used in the building and it is called Majorelle blue after the name of the creator. On the west of Marrakesh near the Atlas Mountains there is the Menara Garden which is another important tourist spot according to the Travel Guide to Morocco. There is a pavilion and a basin in the garden with olive groves and orchards.

According to the Morocco Travel Guide there are some of the well appointed museums which are favorites among the travelers. Ameziane Museum is one of the private museums and is one of the latest additions which opened on May 2006. The Forbes Museum is located near Tangier and was set up by Malcolm Forbes. There is a collection of nearly 115,000 models of lead soldiers in this museum. It is now owned by the government of Morocco.

On Morocco Tours Travel Guide in Morocco also introduce you to some of the other exotic places like Marrakech Museum, Casablanca Cathedral and Church of Saint Andrew. One of the great falls called Ouzond Falls is also one of the tourist hot spots.