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Shopping in Mongolia

Mongolia is a great tourist destination and here you can find several tourist attractions which are definitely worth a visit. However your tour remains incomplete unless and until you indulge in shopping here . Shopping in Mongolia is an experience in itself. There are several places at Mongolia where you can do shopping.

For instance the state department store at Mongolia is the place where you can get a variety of things at reasonable prices. This store is in the main street of the Peace Avenue. Here you can purchase bow and arrow of fine quality. While shopping in Mongolia, this is a place where you can purchase bow and arrow meant for traditional competition. These bow and arrows are in three different sizes meant for women, children and adult men. All these are made from wood, sinew and bone.

If you go to Ulaanbaatar at Mongolia, you will come across duty free shops and restaurants where you can get the facility of convertible currencies. This is also an ideal Mongolia shopping destination. Here you can buy cashmere sweaters, pictures, national costumes, camel-wool blankets, boots, jewelry, and carpets. Books and Mongolian handicrafts can also be purchased here.

While shopping in Mongolia you should definitely try the flea market at Ulaanbaatar, known as black market in the outskirts of the city. Here a wide variety of items can be purchased. For the adventurous traveler this is an ideal hang out. The locals too patronize this place. Watchout for pickpockets while you are on a shopping spree here.

You can also purchase souvenirs from the train at Mongolia. Whenever the train stops at any station you can purchase different things from the windows of these trains. Intense trading can be seen between the locals and the Chinese through the trains. When shopping at Mongolia, you should definitely visit the cashmere shops where good quality cashmere clothes are available at very reasonable prices. The quality of Mongolia cashmere exceeds all as it is the best in the world. Mongolia tours will lose some of its charm if you do not bring some souvenirs from there.