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Mongolia Current Events

Mongolia is an Asian country situated within the central and eastern part of the continent. Mongolia boasts of great recognition throughout the world for their rich cultural and traditional festivals. Ancient celebrations celebrating the cultural kaleidoscope mark the calendar year of the country along with new festivals that have evolved over time. The country witnesses a wonderful blend of age-old Mongolian celebrations like Naadam Festival and Tsagaan Sar along with new events like, Nomads' Day and Camel Festival. The new events that have evolved with time are initiated with an aim to preserve the traditional heritage country in the nation. Mongolia current events include this fascinating blend of cultural and religious event featuring a great appeal among both the locals and the tourist alike.

Upcoming Mongolia Events

The events in Mongolia held throughout the year offer great entertainment and truly provide a lifetime experience. Here is a look at some of the Mongolia current events -

Camel Festival

The Camel festival in Mongolia offers the tourist to the country a rare opportunity to know about these animals and the lifestyle of the camel herder.
The popular Mongolian festival also includes other entertainment options like, camel races and traditional Mongolian music and dance performances. It also includes an entertaining competition that highlights the training methods of the camels.

Event Details
Date: 6-8 March
Venue: Bulgan sum Umnugobi province Mongolia


Naadam is known as the largest and most famous festival of Mongolia. Celebrated throughout the country for more than 100 years, the event that lets you displays your skills. The event that includes the biggest in Ulanbaatar features competitions in the "three manly sports" of archery, horse riding and wrestling. The festival over the years has developed new significance with its evolution from the military tradition of Genghis Khan to honoring the Mongolian independence of 1921. The opening ceremony is held at the National Stadium that also hosts the wrestling competition. The horseracing and archery is held in Yarmag, to the south-west of capital.

Event Details
Date - 11 - 13 July 2011
Venue - National Stadium of Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian National Costume Festival

The Mongolian National Costume Festival exemplifies the bright culture of the country. It offers a glimpse of the cultural aspect of the country reflected in the costumes and folk performances. The festival will be held at “Guru” tourist camp in the picturesque Gorkhi Terelj National Park situated at a distance of 65 kilometer from Ulaanbaatar to the east. At the event, you will get to view the customs of various Mongolian minorities alongwith watching the dance performances of Tsam. You will also get to hear the national music and huumii, the throat singing.

Event Details
Date: 8 July
Venue: Gorkhi Terelj National Park Tuv province

The Grand Orchestra of the Mongolian National Song and Dance

The Grand Orchestra of the Mongolian National Song and Dance is a popular entertaining festival in Mongolia. It consists of stringed, wind and percussion instruments. The orchestra is scheduled to perform at the beautiful landscape of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Here, you will get to hear concerts on classical music along with the best of Mongolian songs. The orchestra brings together the performance of around 80 musicians. Usually, the performances are based on traditional Mongolian instruments that includes morin huur (horse headed fiddle), ikh huur (grand fiddle), huuchir (two string instrument), shudraga (three stringed lute), yatga (zither or harp), flute, bishguur (woodwind instrument), trumpet horn, drums, cymbals and jolts.

Event Details
Date: 5 August
Venue: Terelj resort, Tuv province Mongolia

The "Nomad’s Day" Festival

The two-day Mongolian festival holds a great appeal among both the tourists and the locals. It is scheduled to be held at the region located close to the Steppe Nomads Ger Camp. The region set amid the scenic surroundings of Kherlen River and Gun Galuut Nature Reserve of the country. While at the festival, you will get to experience the nomadic lifestyle of the original Mongols. Distinct customs and ceremonies mark the celebration. Other highlights of the festival will include challenging games between kids, women, families, and horsemen along with songs and dances, horse-head fiddle melody and throat singing.

Event Details
Date - September 17-18
Venue - Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, Tuv province

Golden Eagle festival

The Golden Eagle festival is a popular event in Mongolia that is organized to revive and preserve a wonderful tradition of the country. It seeks to promote the tradition among the young generations with a reason of striking a balance in preserving Mongolia’s age-old traditions. The custom that is preserved is of the skills that the Khazaks used in hunting small preys through Eagles. The locals in promoting and preserving the traditional heritage of the Kazakhs organize it. Here, you will get to attend the wonderful Golden Eagle festival and watch the spectacular sight of Kazakhs on horseback. They are dressed in traditional dark coats and scarlet hats with the Golden Eagle perched on their arms.

Event details
Date – 2-3 October
Venue - Western MongoliaUlgii, Bayan Ulgii province

Gobi Marathon

The Gobi Marathon is another significant event of Mongolia that holds a great appeal among both the young and the old. Set in its 11th year, the marathon is scheduled to be held at one of the most spectacular landscape of the country. A sheer love of the adventure lovers, the event lets you indulge in the pulsating event of the nation.

Event Details
Date: 18 September
Venue: Umnugobi province Mongolia

Mongolia current events offer a fascinating blend of the cultural, religious, and historic events that holds on to a traditional appeal.