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Flights to Mongolia

Mongolia is such a destination which is mainly accessible only by land and the air. Since it does not have any marine coast hence these are the best means of reaching this place. Hence taking flights to Mongolia is the best possible option for traveling to this place. This place is renowned for retaining its natural beauty in its original form. Modern lifestyle is yet to take over the country of Mongolia. The area is still marked with the presence of Nomadic style of living among the Mongolians. Desert, wilderness, towering mountains all are integral part of Mongolia. The largest airport facility at Mongolia is provided by the Chinggis Khaan international Airport. International flights to Mongolia can be availed from here. Earlier the airport was known as Buyant Ukhaa Airport. This airport is located at the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator. Domestic flights to Mangolia is available from this airport too. The ICAO code of the airport is ZMUB and the IATA code is ULN. This airport is basically a civil airport and open for public use.
The airport is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia. The runaway of the airport is paved with asphalt and grass. Some of the airlines operating Mongolia flights here are:

  • Aeroflot
  • Aero Mongolia
  • Air China
  • Korean Air
  • Eznis Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • MIAT Mongolian Airlines

Chartered flights at Mongolia are also available. Mongolia is located between Russia and China and is like a landlocked country. Vast stretches of barren land characterizes the topography of Mongolia. The country of Mongolia based on its geography and culture can be distinguished into five regions. Further these regions are divided into twenty one provinces and also have one special municipality. The five different parts of Mongolia are Northern Mongolia, Western Mongolia, Eastern Mongolia, Central Mongolia and Gobi. Gobi is mainly a deserted region in southern Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar and Arkhangai are parts of Central Mongolia. While on your Mongolia tours you should definitely visit these places as they are famous tourist destinations of Mongolia.