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Cities in Mongolia

Mongolia is a great traveling destination and if you want to see nature in its true form then you should definitely go to this place. Here you will find the true colors of nature as can be seen in the vast stretches of mountain lying across Mongolia. There are several cities in Mongolia which are worth tourist viewing. Some of these cities in Mongolia are:

  • Ulaanbaatar: This is the capital of Mongolia and has a population of 1,000,000. it is also the largest city of Mongolia and located at the east of the center of the country. This city is known for having a long history which is pretty mysterious in itself. At present this place is undergoing an industrial revolution. The city is accessible both by roads and by air. Generally tourists start their tour of Mongolia from here.
  • Erdenet: Among the Mongolia cities, this is considered to be the second largest. It is also a center of one of the biggest copper mines of the world. Here in this city you will also find a famous carpet factory. The population here is about 90,000. It is also the capital of Orhon province.
  • Howd: This is regarded as a historical city in the sense as it stands on the threshold of Kazakh and traditional Mongol culture. The history of this place dates back to 240 years. There is a ruined fort at the center where the Manchu dynasty resided with its troops. In the year 1911 they were chased out by the Mongolian revolutionaries. Even today you will come across the trees planted by them on the main streets when they were ruling the area. Considered in the light of is history this place is pretty unique among all the cities in Mongolia.
  • Tsetserleg: This is the capital of Arkhangai province and is located in the beautiful forest valley of the Khangay mountains. Of all the Mongolian provincial capitals, this is considered to be the pleasantest. It is not a very big town. All the major hotels and the city center is within the walking distance of the main attractions of the place.
  • Olgii: This is the capital of the Bayan-Olgii province in Mongolia. It is located in the far western corner of Mongolia.

Few other cities at Mongolia which you can visit during your Mongolia tours are Ulaangom, Uliastai and Ondorkhaan.