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Mongolia Tours

With Russia in the north and with the People's Republic of China in the south, the country of Mongolia occupies an area of 1,564,116 sq. km. Mostly covered by dry and barren steppes with mountains towards the north and west and the majestic Gobi Desert to the south, Mongolia is a land of mystery and obscurity. Your Mongolia Tours are definitely going be exceptional while you explore the country in the systematic way.

Ruled and dominated by several different dynasties, Mongolia was declared independent in 1911. The economy of the country mainly depends on construction and construction materials, food and beverages, mining, oil, processing of cashmere, animal products and natural fiber production.

Nomads’ Festival and Naadam are some of the festivals that draw huge crowds to the country of Mongolia. The former consists of three Mongolian conventional sports, archery and horse-racing.

Ulaanbaatar, the capital of the country as well as the country’s commercial, political and cultural center, is one of the interesting options of Sightseeing in Mongolia. A number of museums and monasteries form some of the choicest Tourist Attractions in Mongolia. Museum of Natural History, Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Mongolian History and the Military Museum are examples of the same. Temples and monasteries like Gandan Monastery and several others are worth visiting. Theaters like State Opera and Ballet Theater, the State Drama Theater and the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble are some other most visited tourist sites here.

On any of the Mongolia Tours the other Tourist Attractions in Mongolia that are genuinely worth visiting include Lake Khuvsgul, Turelj Valley, Mongolia, Olgiy Eagle Hunting Festival, Hustai National Park.

Treks through deserts, wilderness, lakes and mountains are extremely adventurous during any of your Mongolia Tours. Trekking, bird watching, mountaineering, rafting, horse riding, camel riding, yak caravan and overland motorcycle tours can be greatly thrilling.

During one of your Mongolia Tours, you can choose to do a bit of shopping at the various stores and buy products like cashmere clothes, camel-wool blankets, jewelry, national outfit, footwear, carpets, pictures, books and handicrafts.

A fundamental aspect of the Mongolia Tours are the options of accommodation, and the Hotels in Mongolia, situated at reachable distance from the major transport depots mete out some of the most cherishing holidays catering the finest of services and cordial hospitality.