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Monaco Current Events

Monaco featuring a range of attractions is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. A visit to Monaco is sure to introduce you to the charm of Europe. This European city-state situated at the southern part of Western Europe boasts of a rich and varied cultural history. The city-state is popular apart from its attractions also witnesses a wonderful reflection of the European charm.

Monaco current events scheduled for the coming months of 2010 also portrays and reflects the European appeal. This city-state features a range of events featuring the finest assortment of music, art and culture, entertainment, automobile, and sports events along with other national holiday events. The calendar year of Monaco throughout features a list of festivals and celebrations. These Monaco events are popular for featuring a significant appeal among the tourists.

The population of Monaco features a mix of French, Italian, and Monegasque counts at around 32543. This assorted population of Monaco attributes to the varied cultural heritage of the city-state. The varied cultural heritage of Monaco is well reflected in its events and festivals. The cultural diversity of the European city-state offers a great influence in the events and festivals in Monaco. Maximum number of people residing in Monaco is Roman Catholic. This majority attributes to the dominance or influence of churches in Monaco festivals.

All celebrations related to the Christian religion feature a significant appeal in the city-state of Monaco. The popular Christian festivals in Monaco include the celebrations of – Easter, Christmas, Feast Days of Saint John, Saint Roman, and Saint Blaise. The month of February also features one of the most popular religious events that are marked by torchlight processions and rituals. This festival is celebrated in remembrance of the arrival day of Saint Devote in Monaco.

Upcoming Monaco Events

The Events in Monaco scheduled for the coming months of 2010 offer a blend of sports events and automobile events along with an assortment of popular religious events celebrated worldwide.
Here is a look at some of the popular Monaco current events scheduled for the month of November –

  • International Marathon – The International marathon is a popular sports event in Monaco. This sports event also passes through France and Italy along with other countries. This marathon event is recognized as one of the larger events covering maximum countries that any other marathon event. This popular Monaco event characterizes a great tourist appeal.

  • Monegasque National Holiday – The national holiday on November 19th has turned to one of the most significant Monaco events that is characterized by fireworks display. This nationwide public holiday is marked with great celebration. The event is marked with a Mass at the Monaco Cathedral that is attended by the Knights of Malta.

    Monaco, in the month of December celebrates festivals that are mostly religious in nature. One of the most popular December festivals in Monaco is the celebration of Christmas. This celebration is marked with unique festive spirit of Yuletide. This celebration is marked with events like, musical concerts, carol singing, and special events.

    Popular Events in Monaco

    The city-state of Monaco is also famous for being home to a number of events that over the years has become trademark of Monaco events. Here is a look at some of the Monaco events witnessing great popularity among tourists.

  • Monaco Grand Prix – This one is best known as one of the most popular events held in Monaco. This event features a great appeal among the car lovers that draws car lovers from across the world to this European city-state. This one is considered as on event in Monaco that features a universal appeal among both the locals and tourists. This event witnesses a line of supporters along the streets of Monaco. You can also get to witness a range of vehicles featured in the Monte Carlo yacht show. This event witnesses the coming together of world’s most expensive yachts at Port Hercules.

  • International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo – One of the most popular Monte Carlo events in Monaco, this one is best known for featuring world –class entertainment. The festival in its 35th year will held its celebration in the year 2011. The festival is scheduled for 20th to 30th January is all about ten days of entertainment. This festival features a great appeal among both the local and tourists. You can start reserving seats for the international festival. The reservation office at the Circus in Fontvieille is open throughout the week from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    Monaco Festivals

    The city-state also boasts of some of the popular festivals that are held in Monaco throughout the year. Here is a look at some of the Monaco festivals that are scheduled throughout the year. These festivals are generally held in Monte Carlo town within Monaco.

  • Monaco and Riviera Marathon (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
    Festival Type: Sport - Marathon

  • Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
    Festival Type: Sport - Formula 1,

  • Monte Carlo Circus Festival (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
    Festival Type: Performing Art

  • Monte Carlo Rally (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
    Festival Type: Sport - Motor Sport, Automobile

  • Monte Carlo Spring Arts Festival (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
    Festival Type: Performing Art, Theatre, Music