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Monaco Food

Surrounded by France and Italy, Monaco is highly influenced by Italian and French culture and tradition. Be it the lifestyle, the food habits and every other aspect of the place, this sovereign city state has a dominant Italian and French influence. Talking about Monaco food habits, there is major cultural influence for the neighboring countries on it.

In case you are thinking of visiting Monaco, it is wiser to educate yourself about the food culture of the place. There are many travelers and tourists who can’t adapt themselves to different kinds of food. Their taste buds are restricted; therefore, it is important to make them aware of the nature of food prevalent in the place, so that they can arrange accordingly to suit themselves.

Understand Monaco food culture in a better way:

Sea foods are immensely popular in Monaco; this is due to the geographical location of the place being very near to the sea. Fish is a dominant factor of Monaco food culture and features significantly in both modern as well as traditional recipes of the city-state. Monaco restaurants are found to offer several popular traditional mouth watering dishes that comprise fish. Unlike the food habits of many other cultures, Monaco people practice the habit of light breakfast and heavy dinner and lunch.

Special festivals are celebrated by serving some of the delicacies of the place. Some of these occasions include:
  • Lent carnival
  • Easter
  • Christmas, etc.
    Options of eateries in Monaco are almost endless. Several Monaco restaurants serve authentic dishes of the place, which are sure to arouse the taste buds of the food lovers.

    Some Monaco specialties that you can consider trying:
  • Barbagiuan: It is a special kind of a pastry that is stuffed with rice and pumpkin.
  • Socca: It is a kind of pancake that is very popular in Monaco
  • Stocafi: It is a kind of special preparation which involves cod cooked in sauce.
  • Fougasse: It is a kind of pastry that is garnished with dry fruits like nuts and almonds.
  • Sugared crunchy biscuits that are very popular in Monaco

    Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other specialties as well that are also a part of tradition Monaco food. Such preparations are served on religious festivals like:
  • Saint Blaise
  • Saint John
  • Saint Roman

    Now, that you have an idea about Monaco food lets take a quick look at some of the eatery option in the city:
  • Cosmopolitan restaurant
  • Miramar Restaurant
  • Le Méridien Beach Plaza
  • Amici Miei Restaurant
  • Pulcinella Restaurant
  • La Rose Des Vents Restaurant

    Also note that, while eating at a restaurant or a hotel at Monaco, the bills include 15% service change.

    These are a few of the numerous eating places, which are available to you in the city-state of Monaco. The place offers a wide variety of cuisines, and eating at Monaco is a real delight for tourists and residents alike.