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Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico is located in North America and is a federal union consisting of a total of 31 states. Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea lie to the southeast of Mexico. The capital of Mexico is the Mexico City which is one of the most populated cities of the World. Mexico is the only member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and is one of the upper middle income countries. Mexico was one of the desired destinations of the hunter gathers in the ancient times. Some of the best civilizations like the Olmecs, Mayas and the Aztecs thrived in Mexico. Today Mexico is the 14th largest country of the World and has a lot to offer to the travelers. While you decide to have a trip to this historic and beautiful place what you need is Mexico Travel Guide.

Mexico Travel Guide introduces you to all the exotic places in Mexico. One of such places is the Mexico City where you will come across the World’s third largest metropolis. Travel Guide to Mexico also makes you familiar with Teotihuacan which is the biggest ancient city of Mexico. It was also the seat of the largest pre-Hispanic empire.

Next in Mexico Travel Guide comes Baja California where Baja is considered as the best place on south of the border. There are a number of good beaches, cliffs and serene bays in Mexico.

Chihuahua-Pacific Railway is also something to look forward to in a Travel Guide in Mexico. It is Mexico’s most beautiful railway and connects Chihuahua with Los Mochis. The train has a journey through 86 tunnels and more than 39 bridges.

You can also try out places like Puerto Vallarta which is one of the best beach resorts on the central Pacific Coast. There are white sand beaches and picturesque red tiled houses in Puerto Vallarta. There are a lot of Palm covered mountains in the region.

You can also not miss out on Acapulaco which is one of the hot spots for the white beaches, a number of good hotels and a glittering nightlife. Oaxaca is one of the Spanish cities and is one of the places for some of the best colonial architecture and best markets.

Some of the other places worth visiitng in Mexico tours are Yucatan Peninsula, Puebla, Alamos and Patzcurano.