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Mexico Tourist Attractions

Mexico is filled up with tourist attractions of all types. Travelers to the country can in fact, have a hard time deciding what to see and what to leave out on their trip. From historical ruins of ancient civilizations, to churches, to museums, to beaches to many other man-made and natural wonders, all of these can be found here. The varied and many Mexico Tourist Attractions draw people from far and wide, to see these majestic offerings.

Popular Mexico Tourist Attractions

As mentioned earlier, Mexico has all types of tourist attractions. Get in touch with your travel agent, to make a customized tour itinerary for your trip. This will give you the freedom of choosing to visit Mexico attractions that you prefer. Some of the popular ones are given here for your reference:

  • The Zocalo: located in the heart of Mexico City, this huge cathedral Zocola exhibits the power of Spanish empire. If you happen to go there on a weekend, you can see local dancers performing smoke ceremonies outside the cathedral. Many stalls are also set up where jewelery and clothes are sold.

  • Aztec’s Templo Mayor: located near Zocalo is Aztec’s Templo Mayor, the main temple of Tenochtitlan. Earlier, this temple lay in ruins, but now it is not so. There is a museum and you can walk close to the ruins and see them. The museum displays a wonderful collection of Aztec treasures, which were found around the temple site.

  • Ancient ruins: Mexico has several restored archeological sites that have become a major tourist attraction, in the country. Some of them are located near huge urban centers, thus making them easily accessible to tourists. You will need at least one day to visit any of these places. Some of the popular sites are Chichen Itza, Palenque and Uxmal. These places are known for the symbolic architecture, intricate stonework, stunning wall carvings and pyramids etc.

  • The Pyramids of Teotihuacan: if you thought pyramids were only found in Egypt, you are sadly mistaken. The second and third largest pyramids are in fact located in Mexico. From Mexico City, you will need about an hour and a half to reach The Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Leave early and do not forget to carry lots of water, food and sunscreen with you. From the top of both the pyramids, you can a great view of the area.

  • Puerto Vallarta: is a popular beach resort area as well as a port city. There are a number of water activities that you can take part and enjoy at this place. You can take a boat trip and go to Islas Marietas. If you are looking for privacy, head over to any of the secluded beaches towards the south of Puerto Vallarta. Some of these beaches can only be reached by boat/water taxi. Strolling along the shores and shopping for handicrafts, are some of the other things that you can do here.

  • Acapulco: it is one of the main Mexico Tourist Attractions. Many Hollywood stars and other celebrities, come here to spend their vacations. The La Quebrada Cliff Divers competition is organized in Acapulco, and this attracts people from all over. In this contest, divers compete with each other to find out who can dive to the sea form the highest point. Apart for the beaches and water activities, one can also visit the several historical buildings located here. Some of them are - House of Masks, Dolores Olmedo House and San Diego Fort, etc.

  • Museo Nacional de Antropología: also known as the national museum of Mexico, it houses a significant number of archaeological and anthropological objects of Mexico, along with other things. Some of the exhibits on display at the museum are - stone of the sun, giant stone heads of the olmec civilization, and recovered treasures of the Mayan civilization and display of contemporary rural life along with other things. This museum is one of the must-see attractions for travelers to Mexico.

  • Coyoacan: this charming settlement located in Mexico City, is an old colonial town filled with cobble-stone trees and surrounded by a huge city. Here, you can see many attractive colonial structures, plazas, parks and churches. From the local market you can buy traditional handicrafts, paintings, jewelery and local food etc.

  • Chichén Itza: stone remnants of Mayan civilization, who are famous for their superior knowledge about astrology and other things, are spread out all over the country. Chichén Itza contains pyramids and temples and is also the most visited Mayan site in the country. Once it was the center of military, economic and political power. Regular bus services are available from Cancún and it takes about 2.5 hours. Daily admission time is from 8am to 5pm.