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Shopping in Mexico

Mexico is one of the frontrunners among the mega diverse countries of the World. There are more than 200,000 species of animals in Mexico. Mexico leads the world in having reptiles with nearly 707 varieties present. There are also 438 species of mammals in Mexico. You can come across 290 species of amphibians in Mexico. In ecosystem Mexico is ranked second in the World. There are 64 National Parks, protected flora and fauna in 26 places and about 17 sanctuaries. It is always an opportunity of a life time to travel to Mexico and what you can best engage is Shopping in Mexico.

Shopping in Mexico gives you a chance to buy ceramics and pottery. In the Oaxaca region you can buy back clay dishes which are rated highly for their designs. Some of the rare goods which you can buy in Mexico are sarapes or the woven wool blankets, beautiful scarves and highly designed and decorated charro hats.

While Shopping in Mexico places that need to be visited are La Ciudedala and Plaza del Buen Tono. They are the best artisan’s market in Mexico. You can buy rugs, baskets, embossed leather items and hammocks in these markets. Mexico Shopping also provides you with an opportunity to visit the Ki Huic Open Market.

Shopping at Mexico is one of the enjoyable experiences because of the presence of some of the charming destinations like Acapulco and Guadalajara where you can find every thing from bananas to monkeys.

In the beach resorts you can experience some of the best malls. There are places like Plaza Caracol where there are beautiful designer boutiques. Mabella Mall in Acapulco is a find blend of local shops and international stores.

On Mexico Tours you can shop for a number of items for the women as well. In women’s clothing one thing to try out for is huipiles which is a famed dress of the Mayas. The dresses are embroidered with colorful flowers. The men can try out the guayabera one of the fine pleated cotton shirts. Huaraches or the traditional sandals are something to buy in Mexico.