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Mexico Weather

Are you planning a trip to Mexico? It is good to have an idea about Mexico weather in order to know what to pack and where to go. Many tourists take it for granted that the country is hot through out the year. Yes, it is true that Mexico is a warm place but not always. Given the size of the country, weather can largely vary from place to place.

Mexico weather is determined both by altitude and latitude. From dry deserts to snow covered mountains, the nation is blessed with diverse landscapes. Like the variety of terrains, the weather in Mexico is also extremely varied. The place usually experiences temperate costal climate across the year with some dry and rainy months. On the other hand Mexico City often experiences very cold weather though out the day.

Mexico Seasons

There are not too many seasons in Mexico with dry and rainy seasons being the major ones. The temperatures remain more or less the same all through out the year; however a distinctive difference can be notices during the peak of rainy and dry season. The country receives heavy rainfall from May-September and can also stretch till October. On contrary to this, there is hardly any rainfall during the other months of the year. It is during the rainy season that the lush green scenic beauty of the place comes in full bloom. Absolutely opposite to this the land is brown and parched in the dry season. When in Mexico, expect rains towards the later half of the day.

Hurricane in Mexico

Mexico is known for its Hurricanes, which stretches over a period of few months, from June-November. The season reaches its peak during the months of August-October. Tropical storms and hurricanes can influence the weather on the Pacific Coast, the Gulf Coast and the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coast.

Advantages of Hurricane season:

Hurricane season is off-peak time in Mexico as a result of which the airfares and hotel rates are lower and also has lesser crowd. If you are looking for a cheap deal to Mexico, trying looking for it in during the off-peak season, you stand a better chance to find something that would suit your budget.

Hurricane season risks:

Do bear in mind, no matter how tempting a deal your travel agent offers you; traveling to Mexico during the hurricane season is quite risky. Though it is less likely for a hurricane to hit but nevertheless there always remains room for such conditions. And unfortunately, if something like that happens, your vacation will end up being all ruined.

In spite of all the risks involved, if you still decided to visit a beach destination then some precautions may be suggested to reduce the risks.

Things to do before leaving for Mexico:

  • Get a travel insurance that will cover you in case you need to cut short or cancel your trip because of a hurricane. Your policy should suit your needs.
  • Ensure that your resort or hotel, wherever you put up has a hurricane guarantee or policy and also find out the terms of the policy.
  • You should not miss registering your trip to Mexico with the embassy of your home country.
  • Keep yourself informed about the weather of the county. National Hurricane Center Web Site is a reliable source for current hurricane and tropical information.

    How to avoid hurricanes?

  • Go on a Cruise: Ship have flexible itinerary and can change their route in order to avoid tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Pick an inland destination: skip beach destination. The country offers a lot more than beaches. Pick colonial cities as your vacation destination instead of beaches.
  • Skip hurricane season: the best way to avoid hurricanes is by choosing another time of the year to visit Mexico. An ideal time to visit Mexico is during winter and spring.

    Now that you have a detailed knowledge of Mexico weather, plan and equip yourself accordingly. Enjoy the trip, without having to worry about the weather!