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Mexico Information

Situated in North America, Mexico is a popular tourist destination in the world. The North American Country known for its rich cultural heritage attracts a significant number of tourists throughout the year. Travel to any foreign country should always be well planned to avoid any insignificant hazards while on your trip to the country. Mexico information seeks to offer you with a complete travel guide to the country. Know about the country’s cultural past, geography, climate, best time of visit, health care, and other necessary tourist information before planning a trip to Mexico.

Top Facts on Mexico

Facts and information on Mexico will guide you to planning your vacation better. Tour to this North American country with every detailed tourist necessity will surely plan a better vacation for you. Here is a look at Mexico information offering a comprehensive knowledge about the country and its rich cultural past.

  • Geography of Mexico The North American country is bordered by the USA and North Pacific Ocean to the south and west and Gulf of Mexico to the east. Spanning an area of around 2 million square kilometer, Mexico ranks and is ranked 14th in size in the world. The center of the country features high plateau open to the north along with mountain chains to the east and ocean fronts lowlands beyond.
  • Climate of Mexico Mexico witnesses quiet a pleasant climatic condition throughout the year. You can actually plan a visit to this country during most of the time of the year and season. The coastal region of the country registers a warm temperature throughout the year and remains sultry. The uplands in comparison to the coastal areas register an dry climatic condition. The weather in Mexico gets very cold during the months of December to February. To enjoy the vacation at its best, it is advisable that you avoid planning a Mexico trip during the months of June to September. The weather remains very patchy and rainy during these months. The country also witnesses frequent snowfalls during the winter season.

  • Best Time of Visiting Mexico You can plan a Mexico tour during any time of the year; the country does not witness a rough or unpredictable climatic condition throughout the year. The months of July and August are the peak tourist season in Mexico for both the locals and the foreigners. The coastal region and the low-lying areas though witness a hot and humid climatic condition during the months of May to September. The North American country also witnesses fair crowd during the period of mid-December to early January. The resorts at the coastal regions of the country attract a significant number of visitors during this particular period. Rates at hotels and public transportation usually go up. It is also advisable that you opt for an advance booking to avoid signs of already reserved.

  • Health Care in Mexico The country in North America offers excellent health care system. While on a visit to the country, you will never have to worry about medical facilities and health aid. The country is home to many large centers offering a full health care range and other medical services. Availability of pharmaceuticals is also in plenty and they are often sold at cheaper rates than in USA or Canada. Health insurance is also available and at a low cost. The country also often sells medicines without prescriptions and pharmacists are trained to diagnose and treat minor ailments.

  • Mexico Currency Peso is the national currency of Mexico. The symbol of the currency is M$. Notes come in denominations of M$1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 20. Coins are in denominations of M$100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10 and 5 centavos. It is to be noted that the M$ 1, 000 is difficult to exchange and is often not accepted.

  • Dining In Mexico The North American country is home to a range of exotic dining opportunities. While on a visit to this country, you will get to taste a range of international dishes. In general, you will find an array of world cuisine in this country. Some of the restaurants are famous and a favorite with the tourists for their presentation and services. The country also has a range of restaurants offering local favorites at a low cost. If you are a bit comfortable with the language Spanish, you will surely be treated to an wide range of cuisines at excellent values.

  • Food in Mexico The country is also famed for its excellent production of beer, brandy, tequila, and wines. A popular dish of the Mexican country is Chile con carne. The cuisine based on such dishes named as Tex-Mex have become internationally popular. The country is also popular for its ice-sherbets and fruit drinks with flavors such as prickly pear cactus. The ‘fish tacos’ is another popular Mexican snack. The traditional Mexican food are tortillas (maize flour pancakes) and chilli beans with hot pepper.

    Fast Facts about Mexico

    Here is a list of some useful Mexico information
  • Population (2010 est.): 112,468,855
  • Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Mexico City,
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Mexican Peso
  • Transport: Airways: Aeroméxico airlines and Mexicana airlines along with some other airlines operate between capital cities
  • Roadways: frequent vuse service and trains are there to travel between main places in Mexico.
  • Shopping: Mexican sombreros or straw hats, small woodcarvings, and key chains are popular buys in Mexico that are available at a cheap rate.

    Important addresses
  • Mexican Embassy in the UK
    16 St George Street, Hanover Square, London W1S 1LX, UK
    Tel: (020) 7499 8586.

  • Mexican Consulate in the UK
    8 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DW, UK
    Tel: (020) 7907 9442.
    Opening hours: Mon-Fri – 09:00am-1:00pm