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Brunei Tours

Brunei is situated on the Borneo Island and is situated in south eastern part of Asia. Brunei got its independence in 1984. One of the unique features of Brunei is the existence of two parts which are not connected to each other. The western part is the larger one and has 97 % of the population. On the eastern part which has a lot of mountains the population comprises of 10,000 persons approximately. Some of the important towns in Brunei are Bangar Seri Begawan, Muara, Seria and Kuala Belait. Brunei experiences an equatorial tropical climate. Malays make up two-thirds of the population of Brunei and Malay is the official language. English is also in good use. Islam is the main language in Brunei and other dominant religions are Christianity and Buddhism. Brunei offers an array of tourist destinations and Brunei Tours are worth considering.

Brunei Tours helps you explore the fascinating history, the unique architecture and the magnificent natural wonders of the country. The rain forests, the mosques, the Mangrove National Park, Brunei National Museum, Belalong National Park, Jerudong Park Playground are the various places of interest in the country and contribute to the tourism industry of Brunei. Thousands of tourists visit Brunei every year from all over the world. Brunei tours are popular with these tourists as it takes them on an exhilarating and enchanting journey of this small Southeast Asian nation.

Tours to Brunei also acquaint you with the oil and gas city of KualaBelait which virtually runs the economy of the county. In KualaBelait you come across the Billionth Barrel Monument.

Travel to Brunei is a unique experience because of the presence of Temburong where you can witness a diverse ecosystem. There are rare orchids and endangered monkeys in Temburong.

The major tourist attractions covered by the Brunei Tours are:

  • Bandar Seri Begawan The neat, clean, modern city with wide roads and impressive public buildings houses one of the most impressive modern mosques in the East in Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque.
  • Jerudong North of the main highway between the cities of Bandar Seri Begawan and Tutong, Jerudong is the place where the Sultan of Brunei indulges in his favourite pastime, polo. The Jerudong Park is a huge complex with a polo stadium, luxurious stables, a golf course and trapshooting and croquet facilities. Jerudong is also well known for the Playground, a massive amusement park with a huge range of rides. The Jerudong Beach is a must visit for tourists who want to experience the stalls selling fish and great cliffs.
  • Pulau Ranggu In the middle of a river, Pulau Ranggu attracts nature lovers from all over as they can watch large colonies of proboscis monkeys and macaques.
  • Batang Duri Batang Duri is an Iban longhouse on the Temburong River.
  • Pantai Seri Kenangan This is a popular beach with picnic tables and a simple restaurant with the ocean on one side and the Tutong River on the other.
  • Peradayan Forest Reserve This forest reserve contains the peaks of Bukit Patoi and Bukit Peradayan and is home to squirrels, treeshrews, moonrat, mouse deer and varied other species of wildlife.
  • Wasai Kandal A forest area with waterfalls and pools, this area also has nature trails for trekking experience for the adventurous.
  • The Bukit Shabbandar Forest Park Amidst exquisite charms and colors of nature , the park tracks and paths for hiking, jogging and biking.
  • Tutong Tutong is home to the Seri Kenangan Beach-the most popular beach in Brunei.
  • Belait An administrative center, it never fails to attract tourists who love to watch the play of colors in the sky during sunset. One can also take a ferry from Belait to visit and explore the rustic charms of a Malay village.