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Argentina Current Events

The South American Country that is in general dominated by the soccer fever also hosts various multicultural festivals in its calendar year of events. Argentina, hosts various events throughout the year that is filled with fun and entertainment. The current events of Argentina that marks the coming months of the year is all set to paint the town in bright colors with its vibrant festivals. Argentinean festivals boasts of richness and pulsating quotient that never fails to entertain and excites the tourists from all across the globe. Argentina is home to varied multicultural events that boast of a strong influence of music, dance performances, and theatre shows.

In case you want to add some extra color to your Argentina tour, then Argentina current events are definitely worth considering. The country always has an extensive list of events which never fail to entertain the locals as well as the tourists.

Some of the Upcoming events in Argentina in 2011


Buenos Aires Moda

This year the event is from March 04-06, 2011. The event is one of the popular biannual event. The venue is Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires. This event stages the some of the best designer brands and renowned designer. The three day show starts at around 2 pm and continues till 8:30 in the evening.

Humahuaca Carnival

The Humahuaca Carnival festival is marked with music, folk dance, waterfights, and local brew “Chicha”. The celebration takes place on Saturday before the starting of Ash Wednesday. This year the event is on March 05-08, 2011. The event takes place at Humahuaca

International Equine and Horse Riding Exhibition

The yearly event showcases some of the best horse and some stunning performance by the horses. One may also witness the Argentina’s traditions and the country dress. The exhibition this year starts from April 05-10, 2011 and is held in La Rural, Buenos Aires. The timing of the event is from 10:00am and ends at 8:00pm.

Ushuaia International Music Festival

This event is one of the popular Argentina Current Events. The event begins from April 02, and ends on April 16. The venue is Las Hayas Hotel. Some of the best singers and orchestra groups from all over the world would perform every evening during this 15 days event.

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema - BAFICI

The event this year will take place from April 06-17, 2011. It is a famous event in Argentina where films from all over the world are screened at Hoyts Abasto Cinema and other cinemas throughout the city of Buenos Aires. This will be the 13th edition of the event and it will also showcase retrospectives along with thematic sections. Apart from this, some of the other highlights of the festival are book presentation, movies for children, workshops and also music concerts.

ENIARTE - International Decorative Art Fair

The event will be hosted in Palacio San Miguel, Buenos Aires and will be open from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The event will start from May 09-12, 2011. It will exhibit some of the best artistic expressions. Artist from different part of Argentina and other nations will exhibit their work of porcelain, painted ceramics and other interesting work of art.

Ciudad Emergente Music Festival

The platform is for the fresh talent in and around the region. From soft rock to musical poetry, individual showcase their prowess on this platform. The venue of the event is Recoleta Cultural Centre and is held in the month June. The schedule is yet to be announced. The timing of the event is from 3:00 pm and continues till ten in the night. The event had started on 2008.

Arteclásica Art Fair

The event is the annual exhibition of contemporary art, which is participated by exhibitors and galleries from all over the globe. The venue is Centro Coasta Salgureo. The event will take place in July. The event started in the year 2004. The dates for this year’s event are yet to be announced.

Copa America 2011

This football extravaganza would most of the football playing nations of the South American continent. Japan and Mexico will also be participant in this year’s edition. The event will start from July 01-24, 2011. The matches will take places in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, La Plata, Mendoza, Salta, San Juan and San Salvador de Jujuy.

Exposign & Serifgrafia Argentina

The event is a great platform for the manufactures and dealers to exhibit their products and latest technologies in the Signage market. The venue of the event is Costa Salguero Exhibition Center and would start from August 04, 2001. The event will be of three days. The exhibits will cover different segment of the industry like Screen printing technology, audio-light and display system and illuminated equipment and also decorative illuminations. The producers and the end user like PR Firms, importers and advertising companies will participate in this event.

Expo Medical

The event is only of its kind in Argentina where one would come across a whole range of products and services. From medicine to diagnostic equipments the event will also showcase some of the innovative services in the medical world. The event is a platform for both the professionals and the companies working in the medical domain. From knowledge sharing to exhibition of the scientific breakthroughs in the medical world people during the exhibition share responsibilities towards building a better medical infrastructure around the region. This year the event will start be held from September 28-30, 2001 at the Costa Salguero Exhibition Center.


A popular event in Argentina is Oktoberfest. The celebrations take place for 5 days with people from all over the globe participating in the grand fest. The venue is Beer garden in Cordoba province. The festival is a beer festival and during these five days the beer are served in giant German mugs.

Automechanika Argentina

The event showcases automobile parts, accessories and equipments. The event is organized by Messe Frankfurt GmbH. The event is the platform for the importer, exporters and manufactures to exhibit their products and equipments designed for the automobile industry. This year the event will be starting from November 14-17. Some of the countries that are likely to participate in the event are Germany, United States, Peru, China, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain and turkey. The venue is La Rural Predio Ferial de, Buenos Aires

National Tango Day

National Tango Day is one of the important Argentina Current Events. The day is commemoration of Carlos Gardel, the great tango singer. It is on this day December 11 that he died in a plane crash. Throughout the city of Buenos Aires many tango related events takes place.

National Berry Festival

It is an annual festival and an upcoming event in Argentina, which is quite a buzz among the people of the country. Live music, magiz shows, clowns, trekking and sports tournaments are some of the exciting and fun aspects of the event. Enjoy the juicy berries and watch the coronation of the pretty berry queen.

The event marks the celebration of the booming production of Patagonian berries in the region nearby. There are performances by some of Aregentina’s leading music stars, dance shows and folklores.

Date: 7th – 9th January 2011 (annual)
Venue: El Hoyo, Argentina
Time: all day & evening

The Dakar Rally:

It is one of the annual events in Argentina which is scheduled to take place this coming January. The Dakar Rally is quite a bif event in the country, with more than 400 drivers and covering a distance of 9000 kilometers from Africa, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Competitors participating in the rally drive different kinds of atomobiles like 4x4 vehicles, buggies, squad bikes and motorbikes. Although there are hordes of participants compiting, only a few can manage to finish. And the lucky ones who make it to the end get to experience the varying landscapes like farmlands, deserts and mountains.

The history of the event dates back to 1977 and every year it turns out to be better than before with more excitement, entrants and attention from people

Town: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 2nd – 15th January 2011 (annual event)
Phone: +33 (0) 1 41 33 14 85

Jesús María Festival of Horse Taming and Folklore

Jesús María Festival of Horse Taming and Folklore is an annual event, which is known for its proud gaucho parades through the twon of Jesús María, rodeo stunts and music.

Town: Jesús María, Argentina
Date: 7 - 16 Jan 2011 (annual event)

Tango Festival (February to March 2011)

The Tango festival is held annually for 6 days and nights in the heart of Buenos Aries. The festival that generally celebrates the enthralling dance form of twirl and swirl is an event of extravaganza. The festival hosts a great appeal for the beginners as well as professionals and attracts visitors from all across the globe. The festival aims to hold free dance classes, demonstrations, and music performances.

Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival (3 - 8 December 2010)

The annual festival of jazz music held at Buenos Aries hosts a universal appeal with all the music lovers. The jazz festival offers the tourists with a relaxing music break with concerts and jam session being held throughout for 6 days. The music festival is being staged across various cultural centers and music halls in and around Buenos Aries. The festival also invites and witnesses the performances of the local artists along side the recognized Jazz musicians.