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World Hotels Guide

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or you love going on holidays or you are just another person who is compelled to travel for work purposes, a hotel is an important part of all our lives. A hotel is a home away from home for many of us. A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging and fooding facilities to travelers on payment. The tastes of all travelers may not be the same and hence there are different categories of hotels which boast of different facilities and hence different prices. In flightshotelstours, we give you an account of the best hotels across the world, the contact details of these hotels and the basic amenities that the hotels provide to the boarders. Read the world hotel guide to make travel easier for you.

Before you proceed on to know about the best hotels of the world, it is very important to understand the difference between the different categories of hotels. Hotels are divided into distinct types depending on their size, services and tariff. While the luxury hotels provide amenities such as special toiletries, mini bars, jacuzzi bathtubs, 24 hours room service, unlimited supply of beverage and several other special facilities which vary from one hotel to another, the budget hotels provide only basic requirements like lodging with food. Here is a list of the different categories of hotels around the world.

  • Upscale Luxury Hotel – the chief examples in this section are the Ritz Carlton and the J W Marriott Hotels.
  • Full Service Hotel – the best known hotels categorized in this section are the Hilton and the Doubletree hotels.
  • Select Service Hotel – Hilton Garden Inn and Courtyard by Marriott are the most well known hotels that offer only select services to boarders.
  • Limited Service Hotel – the first names that come to mind when we think of hotels which offer only a handful of services to boarders are the Hampton Inn and the La Quinta Inns & Suites.
  • Extended Stay Hotel – a couple of hotels which provide the extended stay service to tourists are the Homewood Suites by Hilton and every extended Stay Hotel around the world.
  • Timeshare Hotel – this is a type of hotel over which the boarder has part or full ownership on a contractual basis. The Marriott Vacation Club International and the Disney Vacation Club offer this special service.

It must be kept in mind that though hotels are classified in accordance with their services and tariffs, the architecture of hotels also plays an important part in attracting tourists to these hotels and making them popular in the world hotel map. In our world hotel guide, we take you on a journey of the most unusual hotels across the world. These hotels have gained popularity because of the fact that they play an important role in history, or maybe for the fact that they are built in a skyscraper building or inside a cave, or also because they are built in a shape unlike other buildings. For instance, there is a hotel in Japan which is built in the shape of a shoe! The hotel industry is one of the most burgeoning industries of the world. There is not a single person who has not stayed in a hotel at some point of time in his life. So the world hotel guide is important for all of us.