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Best Cruise Destinations

Exploring a country or an island on a cruise has become the most popular vacationing idea among travelers of all age. Whether you are in the mind of sailing through the waves, getting soaked in the sun, or visiting cities full of heritage attractions, a cruise ride provides you an answer of it all. Islands like Hawaii and Caribbean and popular countries and states like, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and Alaska are internationally renowned as the best cruise destinations. When, you are planning to sail and explore, always choose the place first before trying to find other details. Apart from exploring and indulging in various outdoor activities, you also get to experience a luxurious stay that adds more values and fun to the majestic experience.

Top Destinations of Cruises

Here is a look at the best cruise destinations that are known for offering a grand experience of sea travel.

Hawaiian Islands

The islands of Hawaii come up as the most ideal choice when, it comes to cruising. Board a ship heading towards this island and you will get to view the picturesque scenic beauty. From the majestically cut volcanic cliffs stooping

down to the sea to blazing volcanoes with lava sweltering into the ocean, you will get to see it all on your voyage. Adding to all these, there are the visually stunning beaches and lush green foliage. Explore the tropical paradise while on a Hawaiian cruise ride. In general, most of the cruises start its journey and ends in Honolulu, there are other port options including Mexico and Ensenada.


Traveling to Mexico aboard a cruise is sure to offer you a fantastic experience of its kind. The ships generally, embark from Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco along with other west coast ports of call along the Riviera. Sailing along these charming destinations opens up a rich gamut of historical treasures, city attractions, and spectacular scenic beauty. It also takes you to the Mexican coastline where you can indulge in some fun in the sun and the lush green rainforest. Such sails also feature fun trips to deep-water lagoons and coconut groves. A cruise ride will also offer you a taste of the vibrant culture of the Mexican land.


Australia and New Zealand

A cruise ride to Australia or its nearby destination, New Zealand ranks as one of the top choices among the vacationers for an enchanting vacation. One country will offer you the beauty and serenity of the beaches while the other will

enchant with its glaciers. For a complete experience, a travel to one country should always be complemented with another one. These lands of diversity are famous for its rich flora and fauna and extensive rainforests. Voyagers to these nations of beauty also get to view the unparallel landscape and the rich along with the Koalas, Kiwis, and the kangaroos. The country of mountain chains, New Zealand also sails along the fantastic beaches, the blazing volcanoes, and the lush rainforests while on a Australia ride, you will come across the finest beaches and the charming cities. Ports of call include Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, Brisbane, and cairns.


One of the top cruise destinations, Alaska is renowned for its natural beauty. While on your Alaska cruise vacation, you will come across the spectacular beauty of the Glacier Bay National Park and the foothills of Mt. Hood, the enigmatic Hells Canyon and the serene Palouse River along with the capital city Juneau, and attractions of Sitka and College Fjord. Some of the itineraries also offer a short excursions and land trips from the port of call but depending on your package. There are in general, three types of Alaska cruises, the choice of which is dependent on your duration. These are the Inside Passage Cruises, Cruise Tour, and the Roundtrip Alaska Cruise. From glaciers to ice floes and from brown bears to orcas, you will get to see it on your entire voyage.


A popular choice of a cruise vacation, the Mediterranean region is a favorite among the vacationers looking forward to a unique trip. The Royal Olympic cruise line is the largest operator of the region that takes along the beauty of the nation. The popular destinations of a Mediterranean cruise ride include Palma de Mallorco, Cadiz, Valleta, Silver Whisper, and Lisbon. You will also get to visit top tourists cities like, Barcelona, Casablanca, Cyprus, Corsica, Gibraltar, Malta, and Sicily. A trip during May will come with the added attraction of the Cannes film festival. While on board, it is best to experience the beauty of the region riding on a yacht across the Cote D’Azur or French Riviera. If you want to experience the best of Egypt, plan your vacation during winter. You will get to enjoy fun activities like, diving and snorkeling during the season. Shopping and moving around the seaside villages are pother activities that are related to the vacation.


The most popular cruise vacation destination, Caribbean Islands ranks as favorite choice among the vacationers. You can plan a visit to the islands nation during any time of the year. A cruise vacation in the island nation comes with the popular choice of either boarding an eastern or a western cruise along with the southern region. While sailing towards the eastern region, you will come across popular destinations like, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Turks Island. Here, uyou will also get to see wild shows and flamenco dance. The western region features a stop at destinations like, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, and Cayman. This stretch of sail is famous for its scenic beauties. The destinations of southern Caribbean include Aruba, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Martinique.

Apart from the above-mentioned, the other best cruise destinations include –

  • Antarctica
  • Galapagos
  • Baltic Sea
  • Panama Canal
  • Fjords of Norway

Best Cruise destinations with Kids

If you want to enjoy your cruise vacation with your kids so you should go following destinations where you get all facilities and fun activities for your kids.

Caribbean, Mexico, and Bahamas

- Most popular and favourite destinations for Americans. Bahamas offers very cheap and affordable itineraries for cruises like just for three days if you are with your family and have limited budget. And on the West Coast, there are many short cruises to Mexico that begin in Los Angeles and San Diego. If you have a bit more time and money to spend, the Western Caribbean cruises have become popular with families because, quite often, the ships spend more time at sea. Also on these cruise you see kids clubs and sports which makes them popular for kids and families


-For kids who are 12 and above europe can be the best cruise destinatsion. Best choice for introducing older kids to history, culture, and hip shopping. But it's also a big splurge since you'll pay for airfare on top of the cruise. Two of the most family-friendly cruise lines, Disney and Carnival, have just started offering European itineraries.

Best Cruise destinations for Couples

Do you fancy doing something uncommon? Why not look for best cruise destination for your better half and embark a romantic journey? It will help you to take a break from your monotonous daily routine and fortify your rapport with someone special.


Regatta, Wind Surf and many more cruises in caribbean are perfect cruises to avail intimate, romantic and relaxing time. These cruises usually do not allow kids and bar travelling them. Cruisers exclusively for couples in Caribbean islands have romantic cabins and appropriate room services. Caribbean can be a perfect place to have partner quality time in each other’s company. This is beyond imagination in the regular busy schedule.


-Each island on the Hawaii boasts of small and large coasts, harbors, and fishing points having a beauty of its own. If you want to explore all these and much of the Hawaiian beaches, pack your bags today and get ready to sail on the journey of love. The pristine beaches of the Kauai, Honolulu, and Maui are sure to leave you craving for more