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Wedding Venues

Choosing the perfect wedding venue often takes up most of the time of planning for the big day. However, the venue or the location of exchanging the vows deserves most importance and significance in the entire wedding planning process. The selection of the perfect place is mostly dependent and determined according to your choices and interests. It is popularly considered that a best-matched venue for a wedding doubles the fun and specialty of the day in itself in making it memorable for a lifetime. Certainly, everybody in the earth wishes to have a grand and extravagant ceremony keeping things perfect. Many, a times couples offer extra importance to the location or the destination in making the entire services perfect.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

As it has been said, selecting a venue for a wedding is determined by many factors. However, the couples' interest and choices is the major driving force behind the venue selection. Be it a civil ceremony or just a reception, you can choose from a wide range of venues that are available in the city. You can even choose to arrange the wedding ceremony at some location and hold the reception in some other venue. With time, most of the couples have even arranged for both ceremony and reception at the same location.

Some of the most common choices among couples include church, a civil venue or a religious venue. However, if you would like to plan the ceremony differently than a traditional setting, you can choose for a destination wedding and head to exotic places famous for offering the best venues. You can even the ceremony in an indoor or an outdoor venue. However, with time the popularity of an outdoor wedding venue has witnessed a steady appeal among couples

Tips on Selecting a wedding Venue

Certainly, the main onus lies with the choice and interest of the couple; yet,
many other significant factors come in the way of choosing the perfect wedding venue. Here is a list of some of the factors that are to be considered while selecting the location in making the celebration and your day more memorable.


- a very significant part of any wedding or a reception ceremony, budget holds the crux of the planning process. The entire planning is dependent and determined on the fact of your costing estimate. It is always advisable that you fix a close estimation and work towards the planning of selecting the venue accordingly. A number of locations catering to an extensive budget range are available throughout the world wedding destinations. Certainly, if you have around 60 to 80 guests attending the ceremony, you will not be selecting a venue that can accommodate around 130 to 150 guests. These are some of the small considerations that should be kept in mind while taking the final decision. Be it a hotel, castle, beachfront locations, stately homes, or outdoor destinations, you are sure to find a setting that best suits your need.

The Ceremony Type

- this is another important consideration of selecting an ideal venue of exchanging the vows. If you are planning to hold the ceremony and the reception party at the same location, it is advisable that you choose venues having a license for holding civil wedding ceremonies.

Venue size

- as mentioned above, the number of attendees coming for the ceremony also comes across a deciding factor in your venue selection. It is certain of you to not choose locations that do not suit your interests. A big celebration with many invitees will definitely require a bigger venue and a small private affair should be carried within a small setting. You can even choose to opt for marquees for accommodating large ceremonies. It is also advisable that you check with the venue if they offer complimentary room for the couples or not. Also, make sure that the venue has a designated parking lot or ample space that can be used for parking.

Food and Drink

- it is also advisable that you check with the venue the provision of food and drink before selecting a venue. Most of the locations come with the facility of catering and customized menu services while some other offer recommended caterers or services for the big day. In some of them, you can even find a combined food and drinks package that suit different budgets.

Book Early

- this is the final step in your venue selection process. Once, you are done with all the checking and have made up your mind, it is time that you ensure booking the venue in advance. Most of the locations get booked much early of the actual date so, to avoid disappointment and reserve the space early.

In addition to all the above-mentioned factors, you also need to consider on small details like, the deposit required, any hidden costs and any overtime charges (if applicable).

Outdoor Wedding Venues

With time, more and more couples are looking forward to destination wedding and this popularity has led to the increased appeal of outdoor wedding venues. These locations have also carved a special place in the heart of every adventure lover. It also offers a lot of interest for the family and friends. A wedding in an outdoor location also offers the much-needed break from the traditional rituals and the daily routine life.

Some of the most popular venues of exchanging vows in outdoor locations include-
  • Beaches
  • Gardens
  • Yachts
  • Hotel lawns
  • Heritage Homes
  • Mountaintops
  • Landmark attractions of the particular destination (if available) In some foreign locations, you will also get the choice of planning a reception onboard a cruise.

    Indoor Wedding Venues

    If planning a traditional wedding then certainly, churches come up as the most popular choice. For a more lavish and grand celebration, you can opt to choose any of the many luxurious hotels and resorts settled in the destinations offering excellent wedding services. Most of the luxurious hotels and resorts offer banquets and open spaces like, the lawns and gardens for hosting the ceremony.

    Top Wedding Locations in the World

    Here is a look at some of the wedding venues that cater to both indoor and outdoor wedding services depending on your choices-
  • Central Park - New York
  • Philadelphia Zoo - Philadelphia
  • Disneyland - Anaheim, California
  • Empire State Building - New York
  • Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco
  • Graceland Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas
  • Westin Beach Resort - Key Largo Florida
  • Chapel of Love - Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Columbia Gorge Hotel - Hood River Oregon
  • Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas