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Wedding Traditions around the World

Want to learn about wedding customs? The topic of marriage traditions is quite vast, as these traditions, rituals and customs differ from country to country and religion to religion. If we are talking about wedding traditions around the world then there is a lot to talk about. Given the diversity of caste, creed, color and religion across the world, it comes as no surprise that wedding customs around the globe is widely varied.

World wide wedding traditions:

If you check the list of all the wedding customs, then you are sure to be overwhelmed with the number and variety of rituals and traditions that exist. Some of these have been there from the ancient times, some have evolved over the years and there are many which have faded away. Read on to learn about some of the significant and popularly followed wedding tradition around the world.

African Wedding Traditions:

Africa being a multi cultural continent brings the diversity of wedding traditions into existence. Yes, it is true that the rituals followed in African weddings are different in different regions, but some of the basic customs remain the same irrespective of the place it takes place. For example, in all African marriages the family remains to be the most important aspect, which just can’t go neglected. According to East African traditions, the bridegroom has to shift to the bride’s village, where he starts a new life by building a house of his own. In general African weddings are very elaborate and extensive, which go on for a number of days.

American wedding Traditions:

When talking about American wedding traditions, there is a long list of customs yet nothing is rigid and mostly depends on personal preferences. Some of the most important wedding customs in America include the bridal shower, bridal party, the main wedding, engagement, the veil, reception, groom’s cake and much more. Each of the mentioned traditions has their own interesting significance and is being followed for hundreds of years.

Some ancient traditions are no longer in practice and some have been modified to suit the present day needs. For example, the custom of honeymoon originally meant drinking of a special kind of wine, which used to be fermented and prepared out of wheat and mead. The newly wed couples were supposed to drink the wine for one whole month. But today the concept has entirely changed and mainly involves spending a month long vacation at a romantic destination in each-other’s company.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese wedding traditions mainly involve the use of red color and astrology. The color red signifies joy, love and prosperity and therefore is used during weddings with the hope of starting a new life with utter optimism. When it comes to astrology, it is probably one of the most important aspects of Chinese weddings. The Chinese people make sure that both the bride and the groom are astrologically compatible with each other, before they get married.

Indian Wedding Tradition:

Indian weddings are probably one of the most elaborate ones. The festivities start right from the time of engagement and carry on till a week after the marriage. There are numerous traditions which are included in Indian weddings. Although most of these traditions differ from place to place, however a few remain the same. Some of the significant Indian wedding traditions include sagai (engagement), Mehandi, Sangeet, Saat Phere, Mangalsutra, Kanyadan, Pag Phere, Mooh Dikhai and many more.

Italian Wedding Traditions

Italian weddings are usually very lengthy. Brides do not wear any gold at the time of wedding as Italians believe it to be a bad luck. Weddings are generally organized on Sundays as it is considered to be a lucky day for weddings.

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Some of the most important Mexican wedding traditions include: tying a white ribbon around the neck of the couple; a present of 13 gold coins is offered to the bride by the bridegroom; once the newly wed couple starts the opening dance of the evening, the guests are expected to form a heart shape around the couple.

Here are some of the most popular wedding traditions around the world. So, if you want to get your wedding done in a different style, there here are some feasible options to choose from. Think different and make you wedding day the most memorable one of your life.