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Wedding Themes

Wedding is a special day in your life and to make it more special, you may add a theme to the whole event. Wedding themes are nice way of expressing your love and affection for your partner. These wedding themes may be based on a number of things like beaches, vintage world, winter, flower and also Disney characters.

Wedding planner and coordinators would help you in getting the best themes according to your need. Further, they would also assist to in synchronizing the other elements like food and music according to the need of the theme.

Some of the themes for wedding

Summer wedding theme

Summer wedding themes revolves around the warm sunshine and the beautiful locations. The summer flowers make any floral theme a perfect decoration for the day. Include the most beautiful flowers like sunflower in the decoration of your wedding venue. Get the flowers printed on the invitation cards; ensure that the dresses of bridesmaid and other groom friends have subtle prints of those flowers. From the center piece to the food and also the overall decoration should have those impressions of the selected flower(s). One of the best flowers you may choose is the rose. Opt for roses of various colors and mix them in contrasting but subtle way. Let the fragrance and the beauty envelope the whole atmosphere.

Another interesting way to make the occasion memorable is through butterfly theme. You may print the colorful butterflies on your invitation cars. Then have its soft color or shape smeared in the decoration of the venue. To make it more interesting you may leave some real butterfly in the venue or release them as you two are declared the man and the wife. You may also opt for beach wedding themes. They are
simply the best way to beat the summer heat. In places like Belize or other beach destinations you may arrange the ceremony. Standing barefoot on the sand and being kissed by the cool breeze of the sea is something difficult to experience behind the closed doors of an indoor venue. You may also use shells and palm leaves to make your invitations more attractive or may use them as invitations. Even some event planners arrange for underwater wedding. Belize is one such destination where you can experience this wonderful setting. If you and your partner know scuba diving then just opt for it. Let the marine world be the witness when you take the nuptial vows.

Winter wedding

A nuptial in the midst of snow covered ground is something you may not want to miss. The chilling breeze and the soft light falling on the white blanket of snow would make it a moment to cherish for years. From the decoration to the food and also the cloth may be themed according to the winter season. Winter wedding does not mean that you have to celebrate the occasion in snow clad places; you may opt for places or months that are free from snowfall but do carry the smell of the season. Even an indoor event would be as graceful as the outdoor. Winter flowers like chrysanthemums, orchids and winter jasmines are not only beautiful but are equally charming. The vibrant colors of these flowers would add more flavor to the celebrations. From the centerpiece to the entrance gate these flowers would add a charm to the occasion. You may also use the floral patterns in your invitation card and also in the wedding cake.

Color theme is also a great option to opt from. Winter is predominately a season of white color. You may use this color in contrast with other vibrant colors like yellow and green. The subtle mix of these colors would create a stunning multihued canvas. You may also stick with white color and keep it the only color for decoration. Customize the colors of napkins and table cloths in different shades of cream to strike a balance. Ice sculptures for both indoor and outdoor winter wedding venue would be another great option to play with. To make the event more special use ice glasses to serve the drinks.

Apart from the summer and winter wedding theme, there are many other themes that may be used in any season. Some of the themes are:

Vintage or Royal wedding Theme

You may re-create the vintage or the royal world using colors like gold, pale blue, silver, green and grey. Dresses are also an ideal way to create the magic. Get hold of designer and prepare the wedding dresses in line with the dressing of the Victorian age or that of the royal families. The decoration should have old chandeliers, antiques and tapestry. Another great way to add a Victorian or royal feel is by using the old fonts in penning the invitation or the menu. The look of the card may be made a bit old and medieval. To make it more special leave the car and opt for a horse pulled coach or may be a vintage car.

Disney wedding theme

This is one of the popular themes. Just create a venue that is inspired by your favorite Disney characters or your partner's. Be it the Aladdin and Jasmine; or the famous Cinderella the options are plenty. Just get the right setting and decoration in coordination with your wedding planner and surprise your partner on the very special day of your life.