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Wedding Celebrations Around the World

Marriage is made in heaven while couples meet on earth. This is the concept behind wedding being an occasion of celebration, fun, entertainment, and togetherness. With the bringing together of hearts, mind, and soul, the ceremony also binds other relationships. Wedding ceremonies involve exchanging vows to love and support each other throughout their live. The core elements that makes this occasion an important event in the family is the reception, music, dances, and rituals. Tying the wedlock is a prevalent culture in almost countries in the world. Marriage symbols, traditions, and rules differ from one religion to another.


About wedding


Traditional wedding reflect the togetherness of the bride and groom in a social relationship. Modern world customs require one to be registered as couple under the law. There are registry marriage offices across the world and marital agreements signed by both the individual. The couple accepts each other as husband and wife as the marriage rituals begin.

As weddings differ within countries, region, religion, and caste, there are numerous customs and proceedings followed all over the world. Exchanging vows take place in temples, churches, Gurudwaras, and other religious institution.

Wedding customs Around the World

The countries are host to many customs and the people living there follow them for a traditional ceremony. The popular wedding customs across the world include the following:

  • Romanian style
  • Scottish customs
  • Swedish style
  • African customs
  • Arab and Egyptian wedding customs
  • Bengali customs
  • Pakistani wedding
  • Iranian wedding
  • Russian traditions
  • Chinese customs
  • European customs
  • British weddings
  • French marriages
  • Greek customs
  • Italian marriage customs
  • Polish customs
  • African-American traditions
  • Malay wedding customs
  • North American customs
  • United States customs
  • Wedding gifts
  • Filipino wedding style
  • Indian weddings
  • Japanese weddings


Wedding styles around the World

There are three different kinds of wedding styles prevalent in the world.

Western style wedding

This style of wedding takes place in the western, European countries. They mainly take place in a church and different from Asian marriages. The attire for the bride and the groom, style of reception, vows, and traditions vary according to the country cultures. Marriages in United States are not similar to that of United Kingdom, France, or Spain. There is also striking variations in the form of feasts and celebrations.

Asian style weddings

Asia is a land of rich culture and heritage with a diverse population. Asian marriage has been of major interests to foreign travelers. Among Asian countries, India boasts of many colorful weddings and gala receptions. Pre-wedding ceremonies as “mehendi”, “sangeet”, and “tilak” are entertaining part of the celebrations. Relatives, friends, and family members make marriage even more interesting. European celebrity couples travel to Indian cities to have a royal wedding. Just like castle weddings in Europe, the royal palace weddings in India have gained grounds.

Contemporary style

In contemporary style of marriages, couples prefer to break away from the usual ways of tying a knot. Several destinations around the world act as romantic getaways for a couple to have a private wedding. Castle weddings in France and Spain are a growing trend. In India, the palace turned hotels act as the “mandap”. Beaches, mountaintops, and air-balloon weddings are popular.

Wedding Traditions around the world

The plethora of wedding traditions in the world is an interesting story to note. Tourists visiting these places on their vacations have taken special initiatives to know the myths behind traditional marriages in these places.


The cultural diversity of India makes it an incredible place. Once the beauty of its rivers, hills, and dense forests amazes you, again its splendid monuments enthrall you. Beauty of Indians is an acclaimed fact as so are their festivals and rituals. Wedding is an important event in the Indian families. Following their respective rituals, the wedding preparations begin. Every community decorates their homes, wedding venue, and shop for the bride and groom. The bride wears gold and silver jewelry and dress in ethic attire. She is the most gorgeous woman for the occasion. The groom too has the traditional wear. Marriage rituals last for more than 2 hours.


In US, There are three kinds of traditions followed- North American customs, Central American, and Modern American style. These customs have evolved from other cultures in Europe depending on the population that follow them until today. The couple’s parents do not arrange modern American marriages. The young themselves search partners. The “Maid of Honor” is a pre-wedding ceremony arranged by the would-be bride’s friends. Traditional European marriages take place in church, mosque, or temple.


Spain is home to many religion and ethnic communities. This makes its wedding customs even more interesting. The custom of embroidering the bridegroom’s dress by bride is prevalent in old Spanish households even now. The bride wears black or white silk gown and orange flowers on her head. Orange in Spanish is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


The wedding toast is an important part of the French wedding traditions. The custom of wearing the flowing white wedding gown in Christian weddings evolved in France several hundred years ago. French villages follow the custom of stretching white ribbon on the road that leads to the wedding venue. The bride cuts them as her groom leads her to the chapel.