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Flights to Barrow


Barrow is a city in Alaska that is located in the northernmost part of not only the State of Alaska but in entire USA. Barrow is separated by a mere distance of 340 miles from the Arctic Circle and hence experiences a harsh cold climate. Barrow also boasts of being the largest municipal government of the world. For all these reasons, air travels are the primary means of accessing the place, which is well served by the Flights to Barrow.

The following pieces of information provide insight into the various Flights to Barrow in Alaska, USA:

  • Nonstop flights from 6 cities connect with Barrow through the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport.
  • Airlines are the major means of transportation to Barrow from the important cities of Alaska namely Anchorage and Fairbanks.
  • Every week, close to 1,900 passengers on an average access the airport of Barrow.
  • 3 airlines offer direct non-stop flights to Barrow.
  • Alaska Airlines is the most popular operator in barrow which flies as many as 6 Flights to Barrow from the Prudhoe Bay-Deadhorse airport.
  • The largest and the smallest aircraft between Prudhoe Bay-Deadhorse and Barrow are a 115 seater 73S and a 26 seater 73M respectively, both of which belong to Alaska Airlines.
  • Every week, a medium sized aircraft departs from the airport of Barrow.

Apart from cities in USA, Flights to Barrow are also available from other parts of North America like Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and also to countries of South America. Besides, Barrow is also linked with other countries of Europe, Asia, Australasia, Middle East, and Africa.

Having one of the largest Eskimo settlements in the world, Barrow is particularly accessed by educationalists and environmentalists who find the place ideal for their field of study. This heightens the importance of Flights to Barrow, Alaska.

The economy of Barrow is fueled by the discovery of oil reserves in North Slope. Most houses of this region are heated by natural gas brought from the nearby fields. The hotels of the place ensure provisions of community electric, proper water and sewer systems, public radio station, and cable television. provides detailed, online information on Flights to Barrow, as well as on Flights to Alaska.